What is the Best Character/Color/Accessory Combination in the Game?

We have almost 3 seasons of badassery in this game. What is the coolest looking character in the game, when you consider specific color/accessory combos? Post an image if you can, so we can all marvel :slight_smile:

My vote goes to RAAM’s level 50 color and his kingly palace guard kit:

Gladiator set for retro Tusk, best in game hands down.

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There are so many great combinations that I use that I couldn’t possibly post them all here. As a matter of fact, the 6 slots per character is barely enough as it is, IMO.

As a matter of fact, I wish there wasn’t a limitation on the customization. It should just allow you to create/delete new slots as you come up with something. I also think that KI should go back to locking colors in with the accessories instead of keeping them separate. So, this way you could have any combination of appearance and color that is more easily accessible.

Arcee ARIA default costume
Pimp ARIA default costume

Blue Sadira default costume

Arbiter ranger set for his retro looks fantastic imo

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Super Saiyan Riptor on Kan-ra’s stage.

Retro Rash 1 with Banjo pants, Conker hat/Crown and what looks like a Banjo backpack(but is actually the Lord of Games from Nuts & Bolts) is the best. I love that game and anyone who doesn’t can still use it because you can’t really see L.O.G while playing.

While in the Captures folder, I remembered some other favorite colors/outfits.

Also reminded me that they really need accessory colors to change with the overall color that you choose.

It’ll be Jago’s color 11 and black ornate accessories once it’s released.

Gladiator Tusk vs Roman Spinal, so that we can recreate the first ever KI tournament in Ancient Rome.


Thunders eagle chest paint color 9
Kim Wu camo mirrors edge red cycle jacket pants color 2
Orchid grey camo color 9 with denim shorts yellow stripe stockings
Sadira black ponytail color 9
Maya metallic skirt with color 9
Kan ra top hat and shoes with any