What is Maya lacking in? I'm curious

People are saying that there are somethings wrong with Maya.
(Definitely her ultra its too long and I hate)
What’s she missing??

Something isn’t necessarily wrong, just because you hate it. There are some extreme examples, I could post regarding this, but I’d rather not as it may not be allowed - that being said, I’m sure you get the idea. :wink:

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Her classic makes her look like a ■■■■■ to me. Have her hair down, wavy, and remove the metal frames from her legs, I’d rank her classic 9-10/10.

Maya lacks in the damage department. She really has to work for her damage more than other characters typically do. While characters like Orchid, Jago, Spinal, etc. get 50-60% of the health bar down in a typical combo, Maya is lucky to get 40%. With all of her pips filled, she can get around 50-65% using her charged ender. This opens up a whole slew of questions like:

So why use her if she has to work harder to perform a normal combo?
Why use her if she is severely handicapped after one or both of her daggers?

The best answer I have so far is that her style is arguably more rush down than anyone in the cast. On block, Maya can open with a dagger (gain a pip), throw the other (gain the second pip), forward kick in, leap kick, throw a dagger from above, leapkick again, and throw another dagger before she winds down long enough for someone to really have an opportunity to punish her. When an enemy is cornered, she is downright dangerous with this kind of strategy.

Maya has more opportunities to open enemies up than most do, so she’s a real threat in the right hands. This, combined with her charged enimity ender which forces opponents to open up, makes her my main.

Hope that helps!

I dont find her damage to be that bad

So u r saying she doesn’t deal enough damage and she is dangerous?

The trade you make with her is that she has more opportunities to open other characters up for damage. Her damage output is lesser than Jago, Orchid, Spinal, etc., but she has many options in opening.