What is Lovecraftian?

If some of you are like me you had no idea what that meant. Luckily for us uncultured folks Guilermo Del Toro is recommending the best film he has ever seen on the topic.


Honestly I had no idea what it was on the survey, which is why I didn’t put it near the top of my vote. I’m still unclear on exactly what it is.

Lovecraftian is based on the works of HP Lovecraft. Think a character inspired by Cthulhu.

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Thank you people, I am learning something :slight_smile:


Personally, I think it would be very cool if they went with another Lovecraft-inspired monster: D&D’s Mindflayer or Illithid.

The idea of using a creature that has psionic-based attacks and can use the tentacle-like appendages on its face as weapons would be really interesting to see animated. Perhaps a lot of its meter or instinct would be dependent upon draining their opponents. Maybe command grabs with the tentacles? Or being struck by a psionic attack (via command grab?) could cause input errors with mixing buttons until the opponent lands a hit.

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See Bloodborne and the Choir in Upper Cathedral.

Doesn’t Spinal cover Chtulu?

in what way? the sheild?


eh. he is a pirate of the caribean skele-dude. a kraken sheild is par for the course.

chythulu is more than a squid face although that sheild sure is awesome looking.

have you seen the movie or the comic hell boy? thats pretty lovecaftian

You all wanna know what Lovecraftian is?

Simple. Take an octopus and piss it off to the point where it decides to fly unto space, and then come back a millenia from now, mutated and completely evil… also psychic brain powers that make humans go CRAY CRAY!!!

Also body horror!

Also did I mention CRAY CRAY!?!?!?!?

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Little do we realize that’s his ocean sized bathtub…


The ocean Is an ocean sized bathtub for Chuthulu… k nvm…


Maybe a pleasant song will help?

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