What is Kan-Ra saying during his specials?

Having an interest in languages I’m always curious what characters are saying and what language they’re speaking. From time to time I hear Kan-Ra say, “Too slow!” or “Predictable!” Out of just pure curiosity, does anyone know what else he’s saying; during his sand spikes for example?



Damnit, you beat me to it!


Predictable!! Arathanos!!!



“Hah hah hahh!”


Totally this. Kan ras a “g” in the struggle. He needs his soup to keep his crusty body together


I’m sure it’s old but I hadn’t seen the soup thing. That totally made me LMAO!!
Artathanos, huh? All I get when I Google that is “Arandanos” which are blueberries in Spanish. Any idea where it comes from? Maybe it’s what he likes to have after his soup.

I smell a new meme…blueberry flavored.

Lol, right? Maybe on the Spanish version of this forum.
Of course, now I’ll never look at the blue soul stuff between his hands the same way.

So, I’m checking out the meme’s in the forum…you’re a busy boy Wrath. lol

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What can I say? I like a good joke…

Speaking of which:

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Adam Isgreen confirmed that his sand and curse attacks are Sumerian.

LOL, nice muffin! I’m keeping the meme.
Thanks Storm! Sounds like I’ll be learning some Sumerian. :stuck_out_tongue:

O’Sahh Basune!!!

So far all I’ve been able to find is a possible translation for Kan-Ra’s soupy declaration. It’s possible he says, “mahasu,” which might mean “smite” in Sumerian.

Don’t worry Wrath, I still think Kan-Ra is “Ravenous” for Kan-Ra brand “Ma’ Soup!” At least that’s what it sounds like when he taunts. Maybe he’s showing you the shape of his favorite pasta bit from the soup. :wink:

Hasn’t anyone recorded all his vocals without atmosphere or music?

this would have been great info to include on the definitive disc

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I agree. I’ve played without the sound and tried looking it up but have had some difficulty matching it up. I may be just spelling it wrong when trying to match it to the Babylonian/Akkadian I’ve found online. I’m still very curious about what he’s saying.