What is going on? (the current state of ki community)

Compared to now the game as a whole wasn’t insanely broken, but there were a lot more balance problems with characters that definently needed to be ironed out. Jago’s old healing mechanic and Maya’s old dagger ender definently come to mind.

On topic: This game is no where near dead because a few people leave.The tournament scene is still thriving, the game is still selling and Microsoft and IG are still supporting it.Calling doom and gloom upon the game certainly doesn’t help so stay positive☺

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I haven’t quit KI but have been mostly playing single player as I don’t have the time to do anything else really. I’d love to play more people so hit me up for sets. I can play a few characters.

What keeps me playing: KI has a diverse and uniqe roster like no other fighting game.

It’s combat is fun and always a blast to play every time.

What IG can do is keep doing what they’re doing.

We’ll worry about sequels maybe somewhere down the line. I’d rather do tht then wait for three more years for Ultimates to come back and possibly not seeing Cinder or Riptor’s return in the next game.

New games always have to mcuh uncertainty so I’m fine with this game continuing througout the XB1’s life scycle.


Yea, I stay behind what you say.

A sequel to KI2013 would have a lot to live up to: soundtrack, stages for characters, new creative visual and combat designs, not mentioning there would always be backlash because let’s be real - every char in KI is awesome but some would not make it to sequel.

I’ll admit that I’m genuinely addicted to Killer Instinct and it’s gameplay but I cant help myself from taking a break every other month. The game really wears me down, (might be because I want to make Kan-Ra work) and many others agree with me. I see many other Kan-Ra players talking about quitting and taking breaks due to, and I quote:
“No longer having fun with the game” and “being forced to branch out”.

But hey, that’s just one small sub-community of players that are all dedicated to playing a character, and they all coincidentally have the same issues and all coincidentally feel hopeless when playing the character they have been maining for months and months and are ALL ready to quite playing the game…
… I’ll stop now. You get the point.

I “left” playing competitively but I’ll still play KI more than once a week with friends or single-player and often drop in the forums.

Honestly, whether it’s a break or just enjoying different elements of the game that aren’t online, I still believe we have a solid fan base. Though I’m a man of numbers, which according to @rukizzel, are still very much strong.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Zelda. My guess is if anyone sees a decline in KI recently, that could be a factor. I mean personally KI has kinda become my go-to meat & potatoes game. But occasionally something else appetizing comes up, and you gotta go for the hearty fish and mushroom skewers (cwutididthar?).

Anyway, despite the leaving drama, numbers for KI, whether it be players or KIWC attendance, has apparently been consistantly going up. So I wouldn’t worry much about all the doom & gloom naysaying. KI is fine.


The longest break I took from KI was 2-3 months and it was due to MKX had just came out and I was really into it at the time. KI was in S2 and only had characters up to Aganos I believe is were it was.

Doesn’t hurt to take a breather now and then, but no need to have a press conference about it.

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OMFG Kan Ra players are the worst. Not at the game, just… at.



Kan-ra players do nothing wrong.

Isn’t that right @KevBones10?


I take breaks from KI here and there. I’m not quitting until a sequel is made.

As far as tourneys go, I’m not always into that. I like ranked matches but tournaments requires a lot of money and time to invest in.

So with that being said, there’s nothing too negative going on with KI and we as a community should keep it that way.

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While I’m still here in the forums, I haven’t played KI in about 3 days. I still got a few matches to record and upload though. I don’t think my absence affects the game or community at all because a lot of people still play and the game is growing regardless which is really good. I might get into some shadow lords or shadow lab though.

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I cant tell if your firing shots orrr…

Nah man, I’m just futzing about. Soz, no harm meant.

I think my longest break from KI was maybe a week.

Shadow Lord bless you.


Sabrewulf and KI 1 and 2 nostalgia. But playing a fighter the whole day would burn me out (unless is Primal Rage, it was so fun!).

I’m busy with my new Switch toy and like @WrathOfFulgore said, Zelda is a big factor in that.

Bought Shin Hisako though and tried her out for a bit, will play more in a bit.

The game is simply fun, the combo system, the diverse characters (lets go season 4! for more) keep dragging me back, I simply take breaks for other awesome games.

Games are a revolving door, people come and go. Also been seeing alot of new blood on ranked and it’s great. Instead of running into a ton of smurfs thinking they’re clever, they’re genuinely fresh into the game.

As for pros, everyone like them has to start somewhere. A few may have left but that’s alright, wish them well, and just have fun. Anybody could be the next pro player they strive to be

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I just watched ua bass say he’ll still be at all the majors he can… but without the love in his heart. Lol. Ironically, his diatribe went on for nearly an hour and was delivered with a much passion as anyone could. He’ll be around. He didn’t sound all that convinced that street fighter was the better game. I think his draw to sfv is that he’s currently enjoying the constant (incessant) jockeying for position (footsies) that street fighter has always maintained.