What if

What if Arbiter get buff and he can do reload after run out of ammo?.. Is it too OP? :confused:

Alright so I don’t understand why but whenever I see people talk about Arbiter they usually refer to you apparently “breaking” him so I feel like any buff that helps you shouldn’t be a thing.

Also with how versatile the bullets are, reloading would at least defeat the purpose of the item management of his character. OP? Eh, if you’re a good Arbiter player you already can play him without using too many bullets so if you know what you’re doing is there really a use for it?

You are right. I think it’s too OP. Hey, don’t think I want Arbiter get buff because he’s weak or something. I am just curious to ask them about reload.

Honestly, I’m glad that he can’t reload. There’s nothing more annoying than gun characters being able to sit all the way across the stage and spam bullets just because it works. Especially if said bullets are really fast, have high damage, and can stagger.

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Deathstroke flashbacks


He should have infinite ammo but shots do no damage kappa.

I’m afraid it would. Reloading can make a gun user oped. That’s why some are against having characters who wield guns in KI.

This is because the current system for Arby’s bullets encourages people to be tactical with their shooting.

Then they would probably tune the carbine so that each bullet does laughable damage to being with then (probably around 1-3 damage a shot then.)

As an arbiter main what would they say?