What if Shadow Lords is like Abyss Odyssey, we're in for a treat

“…Shadow Lords is part ladder, part arcade mode, part story mode, and part roguelike, all rolled up into one unique experience… The game features persistent items and elements that carry across multiple playthroughs.”

For the unintiated, It’s like a sidescroller-light platformer with a good number of mobs, but every/any fight can turn into a pretty heated fighting game fight. And you get/need stat upgrades to get through all the mobs and the final boss. The roguelike/persistent items mentions made me think of it. The word we can see on the preview video “mimic” would fit in nicely- enemies that may have only 50% or less of the life of a standard character, but there’s mobs of them so, it adds up. And you have access to your full array of combos, juggles, etc as you go through each stage.

At its worst Shadow Lords will copy mkx- the same old matches with different bells, whistles, and damage adjustments, which I guess is ok. But at it’s best, if KI is really ‘pushing the envelope and expectations’, my hope is for essentially KIxAbyss Odyssey

I wouldn’t mind a nod to the awesome challenges of MKX


you meant MK9… MK9 challenge tower was awesome. MKX`s living tower cookie cutter gimmicks on braindead difficulty suck.

On the topic though, I also hope we will get some story for S3 characters.

No, mkx where there are fighting conditions with electric bombs/ bubble entrapments etc

You’ll definitely get some story on S3 characters. And it’ll involve the whole cast.

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