What if Riptor was the Perfect Character?

Just an interresting topic, what would Riptor be like if she was “tactically overpowered”. We’re not talking about giving her jab 40% damage or something (I would really like it though as a Riptor main if this happened lol), but we’re giving her overpowering strats. An example of this was smash brothers diddy kong before he was a patched character. Throws lead into combos in that game, so down throw into triple up air (his primary combo and used to kill move) three times was common and easy. This is combined with close to the best neutral in the game with his specials.

With all that, we’re assuming S3 already happened, or in a month some of this would be irrelevant. You can also be as funny as you want in this, it’s not just “give her movement options and buffed stuff”. Please recommend some stuff so I can put it in this thread.

-Riptor gains 8 frames to tailflip, and the “corrected trajectory” reverted. Yes, it hits 2 frames faster than in S2 (If I remember correctly it was nerfed 6 frames).

-In predator stance, she can shoot a low to the ground mortar. This has to be blocked low and can only be shot out one at a time.

-New combo trait- Establishing Dominance! The longer Riptor has a health lead, she gains frame advantage on all her moves.

-New combo trait- Predator Linkers! Riptor can use her predator moves as linkers and primal run moves as linkers. Run back HK counts as an ender.

-Riptor gains an ultra against Sadira. Yes, please!

-The first part of run back gainst superarmor.

-Chapters 3-12 of “You and Your Riptor Unit” written

-Special priority on tail flip and +2 on block (STORM179)

-Flame carpet now needs to be blocked on wakeup. No more of this silly dashing and jumping nonsense!

Post your suggestions here so I can add it to the thread!

You mean like Fulgore?


Riptor already is the perfect character! :wink:

You can never make something perfect, because perfection is in the eye of the beholder. For example, that Riptor is a raptor is already a step away from what I would consider a perfect character, while others might think it’s a step in the right direction.

If tail flip had ground special priority and was +2 on block.

In game balance, Riptor is the perfect character for us Riptor mains. But Riptor doesn’t seem to be as powerful as to be the top tier in the game, which is kind of what the humor of the thread is to make her top character by far without making jab do 40%

Well she is the first cybernetic dinosaur to be in a fighting game. Perfection is just a concept it doesn’t even exist. I also think that Riptor as a raptor makes her unique. Gameplay wise, she is one of the best. I don’t believe in tiers either.

A character is only as perfect as a person who knows how to use it. I don’t beleive Riptor needs any of the stuff you just posted to be any better. Especially since there’s already alot of shinannigans and cool stuff you can do just from Mortars alone.

and I agreew with @anon39655210 though save for the raptor part, but then again, I’m sure he’d disagree with me if I said Mira would of been better off as a vampire that doesn’t follow the trendy “human with fangs” look vampire > 3 >…JK dude lol

what if on knocdown similar to tusk riptor could do her command grab on a dude. the one where she jumps and tacles a person to the floor. like if she knocks you down with a sweep she can jump and nom on you for extra damage like tusk.]

and also for giggles riptor has a plasma varient of fulgor H lazor that goes full screen XD

I actually prefer Mira to be a human vampire. I wouldn’t have minded if she had a monster form in her Instinct Mode, but generally, I like her as she is now.

Just like how I’d prefer Riptor as a monstrous raptor! >: D cybernetic enhancements or not. lol We all have our own preferences : >

Back to the fopic: I will have to honestly say that I hope this is just a fun little discussion because I honestly think Riptor is fine as she is. She isn’t perfect but that leaves room for the player to make their own style of play with her.

The point is to make Riptor OP without making her attacks do 9999999% damage, I mian riptor and think she’s very tournament viable. This is not a statement stating that Riptie is terrible or something, lol.