What if: Other guest characters

Okay so stay with me here. I was watching JonTron rant about banjo kazooie nuts and bolts, then my brother walks in and then he says “could you imagine if Banjo was in Killer Instinct?” So now I can’t help but think about that humanoid bear and bird Killer instinct-ized, with music and all. What characters do you think would’ve been possible or fitting in the KI universe? I mean, they did fit Rash, Arbiter, and General RAAM.

He seems more appropriate for a Smash title than KI. Plust Rash has an accessories using Banjo as a reference, so he is technically in the game in a way.

True. Although I still wanna know what other people had in mind about possible characters.

If you want others thoughts on guests try going to this thread…

Thanks for the link!

no prob

I can tell you who wouldn’t fit. Banjo kazooie


No more guest characters.


No. Im not going for more characters im just talking about a what-if