What if Hail had a different input?

I’m a pad player exclusively and as much as I love watching Glacius players, I just feel very limited playing on a pad since it’s very hard to hold the hails and play. So I thought: what if the Hail input could be changed, (maybe toggled in some kind of option that affects every button hold special?) to something like SFV Juri’s fireball, in which the first input (qcb+p) equates to holding the button, and another press of the punch button releases the projectile. This wouldn’t change the character mechanically and would make him more accessible to pad players. So what do you think?

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I use a controller almost exclusively. I don’t play Glacius a whole lot, but when I have I never had a problem doing the input for hail. I’m not sure what you mean about it being difficult. Is it the motion? Hope this helps

I dont mean inputting the hails themselves, I mean holding multiple of them while still using kicks. Something else that could help, at least for me, would be the ability to remap the R3 and L3 buttons, since my controller has them as shoulder buttons, but I realize that probably wouldnt be of much use for most.

I’m a Glacius main, and I’m not a fan of your method. I don’t want to press a normal and release a hail at the same time.

Juri can hold her stores indefintly till the end of time. Glacius can only hold his a max of 67 frames. There’s a difference. Plus SFV juri can still punch and kick regardless.

Also hail is onscreen the entire time unlike Juri’s fireballs which only come out when used. So, in doing so, you’ll have to change how the move works almost entirely. And I’d rather not have IG do that.

I don’t understand what’s the mechanicaI difference. You do qcb+lp and summon the light hail. You press lp again and it releases, if the hold timer runs out it releases automatically. What’s so hard to grasp here? The only difference is the input method.

Glacuis gets access to punch attacks then. Because right now, if he has two hails on screen he can still use shatter. Right now he can’t if he has two/three hails up.

It also means if a glacuis wants to release the hails then they must do the motion again instead of just releasing a button.

Man, am I really that bad at expressing myself? Glacius doesn’t get or lose access to anything he doesn’t already. He doesn’t need to repeat the motion either, he just needs to press the button again, no normal comes off, just the hail release. It’s just changing the input from negative edge to a regular press. And of course I propose this as something optional, some people have been playing Glacius for years and shouldn’t be forced to rewrite their muscle memory.

The problem with your idea is that triggering a hail that way would also throw out a normal or special. Unless you would make those two separate presses, which would be awkward.

Ask the devs then.

As a Glacius main, I have no issues holding three hails and using kicks, although that scenario is limited in most MUs. I also have no issue holding two hails and using shatter, as a pad player. I think it works fine with some finger aerobics and practice.

And how would one go about doing that? :stuck_out_tongue:

In retrospect, the Glacius subforums was probably not the best place for this thread since I’m looking for people who want to get into Glacius instead of Glacius mains. Either way I must thank you all for the feedback. :smiley:

Tag them. Or PM them.

I wouldn’t have a problem with this suggestion. I play on stick and holding hail is a little acrobatic but not a huge deal for me. The second button press might be a challenge to program, but mechanically it sounds okay to me. But I also don’t know that it’s necessary.

Am a pad player…it just takes practice