What I want in season 3 (OLD)

This is a quick and short list including gameplay and characters

gameplay - glacius gets more long range move. crouching medium punch needs more range. more priority on moves or exchanges at least. safer moves. Light hail while bouncing should be blocked low now. heavy or medium puddle punch should be anti-air with longer range and should not be able to get grabbed (seriously i’m a puddle i shouldn’t be able to get grabbed). Shadow shatter should not be able to get hit out of unless you actually hit glacius and should not be able to get countered by hisako. last but not least a new instinct that can take multiple hitting moves. seriously almost every season 2 character has some type of normal multiple hitting move

spinal - nerf teleports. i know it sounds stupid but spinal is an extremely good character but i feel he’s too good. i think spinal should only be able to teleport if he has skulls. a new mechanic i think would be pretty cool is that you can give up meter to give yourself skulls. other then that he’s okay for now

sadira - just nerf damage output. i feel should does too much damage way too quickly also instinct should be slightly nerfed again.

sabrewulf - i think his cross ups should only be available during instinct but that’s just me i really could care less about this character

tj combo - i hate this character with a passion so for starters. the roll should not be invincible to physical attacks! projectiles fine it’s fair. i shoulder rush into you take the darn hit! next his rushdown move (i forgot what it’s called) should not have armor until the end of it and should only be able to cancel out of in instinct. I have a lot of hate for this character so no love him.

maya - getting dagger meter from your opponents blocking is a bad idea. seriously it should only be when you land a hit and only during a combo or if you landed them as a projectile. They should also not be multiple hitting projectiles. And now for the one that gets me mad an unblockable projectile should not be in this game especially for a character that gets it way to easily.

Kan-ra - i can’t really say how to nerf him because he is hard to somewhat learn so shout out to people who learn him

riptor - there’s a certain move that for some reason even when the hit animation isn’t there the attack is still active and causes hard knockdown. just fix this.

hisako - damage output is a little too high slightly lower it.

now for new characters

  1. zombie grappler. basically an undead human with chains that focuses primarily on grappling. he’s slow but once he grabs you once he can set up for amazing and hard hitting combos. basically hisako without a counter and less options. Also his grabs should work like birdies in sfv

  2. vampire/blood bender. I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of a more beautiful and royal like vampire and not a perveted or obscene type vampire. i would really like to see this type be like rose from street fighter. builds a lot meter but can’t do anything without it.

  3. this is my personal character that i thought of. I call her Yasu (hopefully that’s a feminine word). Basically she’s an armored tiger and is a new pushdown character. she’s focuses primarily on the ground and can’t do much in the air. her instinct makes her projectile safe if she is using a certain move. This character i would like her to be like blanka or better explanation riptor without cross ups.

That’s all i have later guys!


What are you basing this on? Hisako’s max damage potential is among the lowest in the cast. Her meterless damage is on par with Sabrewulf’s meterless damage, but her max damage with meter isn’t anything to write home about.

Haha, I kind of like this post because it shows you’re really thinking about the game and voicing your experience. I think it’s important to be careful though and you really have to think outside of your personal experience to better understand the benefits of certain chainges.

What I would encourage you to do is to watch some high level KI play and see if any of your opinions change. There’s a tournament going on this weekend called SCR there will be a stream for it tomorrow I encourage you look it up and check it out. There’s also a weekend tournament that happens weekly called 8bitbeatdown. You can sign up for it yourself if you’d like but it streams the top 8 players and you can see some more advanced play in it as well.

I implore you to observe some of the higher level play and see if it changes your opinion at all.

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Sabrewulf it’s more or less because I don’t think that any character should have a dash that crosses up opponents unless it’s through meter or special move use otherwise i don’t care about the character or how they change him

Hisako’s damage actually spikes pretty high if you get locked out as with any character but there’s a certain ender (i don’t know the input because i don’t play her and i should have stated that it’s only that one ender earlier but i forgot to) that really will hurt your character. I don’t remember which one it was but i remember a hisako player did over 45% easily without meter.

Wulf’s dash is pretty risky in neutral once you know how to deal with it, so you’re essentially worried about a crossup on knock-down, which literally everyone in the cast can do.

That’s not really meterless damage worth writing home about. 48-50+% is pretty common among the cast.

I watch every ki tournament that comes out. I have to miss scr tomorrow because of work but I’ll watch highlights. I’ve played in a couple of local tournaments (well technically 2 of them were locals even though i had to go all the way down to L.a. just to play) Even though there’s not a lot of players at these tournaments i recognized their names because of evo. I even saw one of them participate at evo this year but I don’t quite remember his name my memory is terrible.

Sabrewulf - on knock-down it’s not risky i used almost everything to try to knock him out of it and he dashed through it without any problems. It’s more or less just a preference because other character’s cross ups they have to jump over the character or have something come out first to do it. That’s a little bit more predictable if you can understand i have trouble explaining my opinion on saber.

Hisako - I actually see your point i watched the matches that i got salty about and figured out what had actually happened. The one that really got me mad happened two days ago i still have the replay because i remember reporting that player for harassment after that (he sent me a very rude and salty message) Basically he reset a combo by dropping the combo and then doing that 3 hit move that she has i don’t remember what it’s called but the health bar didn’t show that much white and it came out to 54% with only lights and mediums. It looked like that she was continuing the combo. Don’t get me wrong i like hisako i thought she got some sort of huge attack buff or something because of that. So that’s more or less my mistake I swore that it was normal thing for her to do

So you want a rushdown character to have less options? All he has is a high low mix up. He needs something to make his rushdown special. That something is his dash.

having high low mix ups are good enough especially since they are fast and can be safe. I don’t hate rushdown characters but i don’t think any character should have a cross up dash that you can repeat multiple times. saber’s dash feels too good in my opinion.

What high low move that is safe? Why do you want Riptor to be better than Sabrewulf instead of them being equal. Riptor has flame carpet and his high low mixups. The carpet protects him and makes his mix up safe. Sabrewulf’s high low mix up isn’t safe. Plus Riptor has a faster cross up than Sabrewulf. Don’t think of balance based on Street Fighter. Think of it KI based. Jago can heal health from fireballs. Unbalanced? Sabrewulf has dash. Unbalanced? Glacius had combos from range. Unbalanced? Thunder can combo from crab for huge damage. Unbalanced? Sadira has huge air mobility and combos. Unbalanced? Orchid has a high low mix up that is safe with a grenade(that interrupts conbos). Unbalanced? Spinal can drain meter. Unbalanced? Fulgore can teleport with fireballs for a hard mixup that can cancel an overhead to a low. Unbalanced? TJ can come back from life. Unbalanced? Maya has an unblockable and a level 8 ender. Unbalanced? Kan-Ra can build a barrier with scarabs. Unbalanced? Riptor has flame carpet to make her mix ups safe. Unbalanced? Omen has a potential 100% damage move. Unbalanced? Aganos can crash you through walls for huge damage. Unbalanced? Hisako can counter. Unbalanced? Aria can call assists. Unbalanced? Might as well nerf everyone. It sounds broken on papaer btu ingame,it is balanced.

Too good how? What are you implying? I’m trying to understand your point of view but all of your reasoning at this point has been a bit mysterious. Not trying to quarrel, just attempting to see your side of this beyond statements that equate to the one I’ve quoted in this post.

I think his issue is more that Wulf’s dash (particularly on knockdown) is more or less unreactable. Most of the cast can cross you up on wakeup one way or the other, but Wulf does almost have a monopoly on resource-less multiple cross-ups I’d say.

The caveat to that is that Wulf’s dash is basically only that good in oki situations. In neutral it is considerably less useful, and without it Wulf’s pressure, while decent, would be nothing to write home about. In a game like KI, where everyone has dirt, a dashless Wulf wouldnt be a very good character. His normal mixup game is too unsafe for him to be a serious threat in a cast full of nuts.

More broadly, I think these suggestions (and the suggestions made in a similar thread I saw yesterday), simply aren’t very good on the merits. A Glacius with those tools would be even harder to deal with than he already is - even without a low hitting fireball Glacius is quite capable of opening an opponent up. What makes Spinal’s teleport so terrible relative to Fulgore’s? Why shouldn’t TJ’s roll be strike invulnerable - you can throw him out of it and he has no invincible reversal option. As already pointed out, Hisako isn’t a super damaging character to begin with, and for her to take a huge chunk of your life generally requires that you get yourself locked out. If Maya got pips on dagger hits you’d get punished anytime you got put into combo, as you’d be guaranteed to eat a dagger toss linker, which if you guessed wrong would give her about enough time to build full dagger charges off you.

Most of the existing cast is fine as-is. I don’t personally see why people are so keen on mucking things up with extraneous (or in some cases, quite fundamental) changes. :confused:

  • *As a note, when I say Wulf’s “dash” above, I’m referring specifically to its dash-through property."
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Every character has a gimmick in this game i get that. that’s fine in fact i love it! it’s why i love playing ki the game doesn’t feel like there’s any clone characters (except maybe shago when he comes out but i highly doubt) and not everyone needs nerfs and like i said i could care less about the character fighting him isn’t a huge problem i just don’t like that idea as well as playing against it. cross ups don’t really kill me it’s the high low mix ups that are hard. I don’t agree with that idea that’s it but i wouldn’t care if they didn’t get rid of it.

the way you describe how it acts on knockdown is exactly how i feel as well as what i don’t want for sabrewulf. I don’t want the character extremely dead but i don’t think any character should have that type of dash unless it’s a special move.

Glacius’s tools are meh. yes you can open your opponent up easily with certain setups but for long range moves he has only a small few. for hail being a low, it’s more or less because every character that has a projectile that is on the ground has to be blocked low why isn’t it the same for glacius.

Teleportations always gets me mad in a game but for some reason i feel fulgore’s isn’t hard to handle in fact i don’t mind it at all. Spinal though for some reason i feel should have a cost do to how much he has. He has tons of options and yet he’s usually safe on everything. I feel like it should cost something to teleport other then it’s just unsafe because no spinal or fulgore would just teleport to you without having something protecting them (which doesn’t always work).

TJ i hate. I hate him extremely. I can’t stand fighting him and i hate that even though i am hitting you with a move that should register it’s invulnerable and is actually pretty safe as long as you grab or use a special move. Most tj players tend to grab right out of it and for some reason nothing i do works against it. that’s why i hate it.

Hisako already explain I faced a couple of hisako’s that got me salty and then that one hisako player who was extremely rude talked trash and i got salty when he won by a reset that i wish that i saw.

Maya i hate as well but the idea of defensive players being punished for blocking projectiles just sounds bad on paper and in game it really does suck especially an unblockable set up that helps her get over 45% easily unless you break.

I agree in the end not a lot of characters need adjustments and i hope it doesn’t change too much with season 3 (biggest fear in fact for the game). It was hard even stating what i wanted and again it’s what i want. No one else wants it, that’s fine but It’s what i would like.

It’s more of a fundamental thing for me. I don’t like the idea of a cross up dash. it’s difficult to explain and like i told someone else it was hard to even come up with a list of changes that i want and things i probably know will never come. it’s just want i want.

It seems like you main Glacius (right on!), so your list of fixes to the game is pretty focused on making Glacius better and changing things that pose a challenge to him. This is fine, but some of these things are required for balancing other match ups.

Just as one example, Sabrewulfs dash is really effective against Glacius so it seems like a more effective tool. But when you look at it in the context of Wulf versus the whole cast, it’s really just a small tool (especially since the S1 eclipse nerf). So, changing it doesn’t make sense. Also, since Wulf may be the only legit matchup where Glacius is straight up favored, you don’t need to fix that tool.

I know some stuff is for match up reasons and that’s my dream glacius but wulf’s dash just was something i never liked not even in season 1 (actually especially in season . I remember those dark days against saber) As for glacius some stuff just feels like wait why didn’t that work at all. Like getting hit out of shadow shatter from full screen (or countered by hisako) the light hail is more because i can’t stand how aria gets a low blocking projectile as well as spinal and aganos but glacius doesn’t have it and yet it would be perfect for him it already basically fits in.