What Happened to The season 2 bundle!

Hello everyone!

So after taking a few months off my xbox and returning to play some season 3 i noticed that the season 2 bundle has been removed and made into a season 1 and 2 bundle. That is fine and all but i already bought season One at launch and i believe it is 10 dollars more than what the season two bundle was. Will there be a way to get just the season 2 content stand alone or do i have to shell out the extra cash or wait for a sale.
i was on the phone for a hour with Microsoft and they directed me here.

thanks in advance

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Same here, I do not want to pay twice for somthing I already have…
where is my season 2 and 3 bundle? or at least a solo season 2 bundle?
what about all the ppl that got season 1 free with games with gold and want season 2 and 3?:angry:

I had to dig through the Games Store on the Xbox itself to find the bundles. The in-game store only has the 1+2 Bundle and the Surpreme Edition, along with S3 itself.

Same thing happen when I got my Xbox One. Got that game with gold so free season one but I had to re-buy it cause even on the store, when I chose season 2, it said bundle only and I could not buy it. Really ridiculous I’d say.