What happened to the "no mercy"?

I would love to see the return off the “no mercy” moves in this killer instinct, that of KI classic in Mortal Kombat style

I personally prefer the Ultimates, which are basically the “No Mercys”, but done in a combo. It would fit better with the fast-paced gameplay that KI has.

They prob decided not to go that route to differentiate from MKX and fatalities. Plus it end up being a run away fight if someone is in danger…you could also BLOCK no mercy’s.

If I had to choose I would prefer a Brutality style finisher, its the best of both. Ending a combo with a fatal signature move. But thats just me.

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I think no mercies became ultra Enders

Will never be MK style. KI is and never was about the gore… so any No mercy or ultimates in the game will be suggestive and tame. Which is how they should be

That makes no sense lol

I can’t make you want to make sense of it but essentially they are.

Aren’t there already quite a few topics about Ultimates and No Mercies?

I know many people want them in the game. I don’t.

It’s just another way to waste time. You know that people will spam these when you play online.
A fatality is fun to watch the first 5 times for me, after that it gets repetitive.

Also, KI is a T-rated game. No finishers would be gruesome. They would most likely just look like the ultra combos in SF.

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BTW…I actually haven’t played MKX…are the brutalities in it essentially like Ultimates?
If so then yeah, I agree.

But I would like to say IMHO it’s fine so long as everyone keeps in mind KI is about violence but not gore. I mean, if you look at any of the old no mercy’s, they were pretty tame compared to MK. Fulgore would unload a head cannon, blood would splash, they fall over. Spinal would do essentially Hisako’s stage ultra but with skeletons. Cinder would melt them in a pool of lava. Glacius would engulf and absorb them. Riptor would eat them, then burp & f4rt.
Now obviously some of these are beyond silly and I would no way suggest adding them, but something along the lines of Shago’s ultimate…

Like Fulgore could walk up to his kneeling defeated opponent, camera shaking with each step, grab them by the top of the head, drag them for a bit, then throws them into the air like a clay pigeon and hits them with the hyper beam.

Riptor…a pack of stalkers surround and attack.

Sadira, web 'em up and a big a$$ spider drags them off.

Glacius…crushed by a massive chunk of ice

Rash…he backs up, makes a frame with his fingers, lines up his shot, and boots them like he’s going for a field goal.

TJ: first person view of his knocking them around a bit, then he goes for a hard up-close powerline that knocks them sideways and their cheek smacks against the screen, eyes roll back into their head and they slowly slide down…not only would it be cool, but it would be a nod to his original no mercy where he’d knock them against the screen ala Smash Bros.

& these are just a couple of ideas just off the top of my head…

Yes you do a combo and if you input the correct commend at the end of the life bar ( just like DANGER) it triggers a fatality in the 2D plain, not the cinematic style of the fatality or Shagos Ultimate.

The awesome thing is that each character has several brutalities some up to 10 different moves. Some are secret and some are listed in the command list.
Some are just a combo at the danger time and some are certain moves you need to do multiple times for it to work on the final blow.

I’ve seen them before on youtube, I just wasn’t sure how they were activated, though I guessed it’d be similar to UMK3. Honestly watching them all like that, they’re kinda boring…I guess the problem with the gore in MK is kinda like finding variety in the transformations of car Transformers toys…there’s only so many ways you can slice an orange…

Well yeah if you watch them in a row they are boring…but thats not how it goes down in the game. In game its Fn awesome because it happens so fast… dude thinks he is still in the game and bam! dead!

Sometimes you dont even mean to do them… which makes it even more exciting! Its the “ultimate” taunt IMO… the MKX brutality really brings the salt out.

If you watch all the KI ultimate’s from the past in a row thats gonna be boring too… all the ultras…boring… anything in a row is gonna look boring…but in the heat of battle its amazing

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