What happened to the cinematic endes!

I remember there were enders where you could get this cloud of smoke or something. What happened to it ? Is it still a thing or not? If so, then how to I do it? Someone help muh

Not sure what you’re referring to. There’s only ultra combos, ultimates and stage ultras as far as finishers go.

Maybe you’re thinking of shadow moves. They used to look a lot more “smoky” (and cool) before season 3.

I think you are referring to the Level 4 Cinematic Enders.

You can only achieve that smoke background if you manage to hit a Level 4 Combo. In this game it’s not too hard, but I believe you can do it!


Cool I’m just not sure how you achieve it. Do I need to get a godlike combo or something. Cause I haven’t done those in a while.

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The KV meter has little pips right underneath it that light up depending on your combo. You need at least 4 (the max level) to do the cinematic ender.

Most characters can get it easily by doing Opener, heavy auto double into light linker 3 times to get a level 4 combo. There are definitely other ways to do it, but that is the more simpler one. :slight_smile:

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You need to build up your Ender Level… you’l see it on the side of the screen as you do your combos… its directly above your KV Meter and is represented by Green Squares… fill those up and you’l get a flashy ender. Note that you don’t need to fill all of them up in a single combo…

I believe the same effect can be achieved by racking up a crap ton of Potential Damage… and then performing an ender after an auto/linker.

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Thanks everyone for the response, really appreciate it.

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it also helps to know that they can be turned off in settings. Maybe check to see if it is turned off if you still have trouble.

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