What happened to other skin packs?

What happened with the Gold Skin packs and the Terror Skin packs? Are those still a thing or we past that now? Just wondering? I would like to see more terror skins

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Rukari said that there’s be more skins on the way after the first Ultimates, and based on the teasing we’ll see a new character first.

KI World Cup is just around the corner. They’re probably saving any information for then.

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I made a post regarding the topic. They’re working on Ultimates right now, and other skins are to be planned afterwards

Unfortunately I haven’t been keeping up with KI until the ultimates dropped!

Cool I’ll just wait til KI World Cup

I suspect everyone will get a Gold skin, but I don’t know if the Terror skins will show up for everyone, or just for specific characters that have a horror theme. But we have been promised more skins in the future.

I think it was said that they were put on hold because of the first pack of ultimates, so I’d expect the gold skins to continue soon-ish.