What games could be included in a potential "Rare Replay 2"

Here’s what I’d want to see

-Killer Instinct Snes
-Donkey Kong Country all 3

Rare doesn’t have the rights of DK and Goldeneye so that’s impossible. I think rare replay includes already all the rare games possible except for KI and KI2.

I know they really wanted to include Goldeneye. They never said anything about DKC. I wanted to know if there were any more games but I guess everything is included in Rare Replay.

Oh wait, what about Battletoads in battlemaniacs and Battletoads Double Dragon?

They really should pay whatever it takes to get Goldeneye on Xbox one, that would sell like MAD. It would be worth the cost to pay for the rights again I think. As far as Battlemaniacs, I’d love to see that come back too. Really though I want an HD remastering of the arcade game on Xbox one, make it the same formula but revamped graphics and stuffs.

They really wanted to include it as well. I’m sure there are a few rare games they left out but I think they got the most popular ones in regardless except for goldeneye.

Sucks some of their best games are owned by Nintendo, I loved Diddy Kong racing.

I doubt it would sell enough even though I loved that game.

I think you’d be surprised, I had hear rumors years ago that they were trying to get Goldeneye on the 360 but couldn’t due to the licensing stuff. Seemed like a crazy popular idea at the time, just about everyone my age that I know would buy it especially if it had online multiplayer.

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People who would buy it would do it for nostalgic reasons (I would) but I think the community would be dead when halo and battlefront comes out.

A Rare Replay 2 won’t happen. There’s too few games left in their library for that. They did mention DLC though, so we may get some of the missing ones in that format. Just not Donkey Kong, and probably not Goldeneye either.

I’d love the XBOX version of Conker, though.

That’s fine. Just want Battletoads in Battlemaniacs and Battletoads/Double Dragon. I’m sure Nintendo is gonna do something in regards to the Donkey Kong Country games if there not on the Wii channel.

Wizards And Warriors trilogy…that is all

Wait, is that all you want or all that’s left?

ha ha no that’s just my suggestion for a RR2 or dlc etc

why would you want a censored version of conker

Because it looks tons better than the original. I can live with more bleeps.

Ideally, I’d prefer the upres’d graphics in combination with less censorship. A true re-envisioned Conker.
“Conker HD: Live, Reloaded, and Uncut”

Yeah, that’d be awesome.