What game worlds/universes would you like to live in?

Kingdom Hearts. Just so that I have an excuse to say that our current world is just another world and that the topic of other worlds is dumb since we’re not suppose to know that other worlds exist lol

Hmm…hard to pick. I’m not too keen on the whole struggling for survival bit most games carry with them. Skyrim would be neat, for example…until a dragon shows up and shouts you off a cliff. Transformers would be neat as well, until one of them smashes into your house killing everyone inside. Halo…maybe, but covenant & flood…

I suppose I could go for a slice of Freddy Fazbear’s pizza right about now…

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Good ol faz bear suits…

My vote goes to the Ark in Soma. That place was designed by people to be awesome for people.


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How/where do you play this? It looks awesome. What game is that? I looks like F-Zero but it looks nothing like the F-Zeros I’ve played.

It’s just F-Zero fan art. I don’t think its for a particular game.

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Aww, too bad. It looks awesome. Wish they did a new F-Zero…

I would be happy with just a remaster of F-Zero GX on the NX.

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Yeah, same here. I’d but the console for just that.

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thats a fan art of past F-Zero games like Original F-Zero, X, GX, AX etc.

I’ve herd that the Developers of Fast Racing Neo is working on a project with Nintendo, which could mean something i hope. But if F-Zero GX dose get remastered they will need to add online features to game like 30 players online. https://mynintendonews.com/2016/08/22/shinen-multimedia-says-that-their-next-project-will-be-with-nintendo/

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If Nintendo has the online function for 30 players.

Hope restored!

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Maybe resident evil. The zombie apocalypse would’ve already happened, their would be annual boulder punching competitions, and most of the world would be unaffected by the crazy experiments.

Either the Elder Scrolls or Fallout universes.

I want the world to be my playground. My violent, visceral, straightforward playground. :smiling_imp:

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Death by radiation or an arrow to the knee? Hmm, I dunno - both seem slow and really painful.


Mmhmm and yep, you got that right :stuck_out_tongue:

Pac man universe lel.

Final Fantasy 7 really. I used to dream about my life being exactly like the FF7 world when I was in elementary school.

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Overall the Oriverse now including the land/forest of Niwen most particularly in the Wellspring Glades :grin: :smile: :sunglasses: :+1: