What eras & years were the characters?

Which points in history were the characters born in?

Cause one of Glacius’ kind landed on Earth which led to the Roswell alien conspiracy.

Was Spinal reborn in the Golden Age of Piracy?

What about Sabrewulf? Cause he must’ve lived longer when he became a lycan in Germany.

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There’s actually a really good list somewhere in the forum. I think it’s the one about KI’s timeline. Shows when everyone showed up in the story and background… I’d link it if I had the time…


Here it is: Long read but UncappedWheel82 did a great job!

What about how long Jago, Orchid, TJ, Maya, Kim Wu, Sadira, etc. became skilled fighters?

I mean their origins have got to be important too.

Have you read their respective backstories? They all go pretty far in depth.

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