What does your ass game in?

I got this idea from another thread, but I wanted to know, because I’m curious: what kind of chair/furniture do you play games in?

…and no, I don’t want you to tell me; I want you to SHOW me. Provide a picture of the actual piece of bum-comforture, or something similar to it, then explain why you do or do not like it and why. This thread is not for what you WANT either, just to clarify, but is rather for what you actually HAVE.

My azz does it best gaming on the can. :laughing:

The rest of me prefers the lazy boy chair or couch. :slight_smile:

Pics are mandatory.

If i wouldn’t get banned I would. :smile:


Fair enough.

My preferred gaming seat is my Exercise Ball lol

As for why I really don’t know, I guess because unlike the couch I can move it wherever I want and it’s never not comfy haha


Simple, cheap effective.

I don’t believe in “high tech” seating. There are some really good NORMAL chairs out there that you can sit in for hours comfortably. This one lets me watch Netflix, game, and play guitar for as long as I want.


My chair is so bad. Ill show you all the travesty i sit in.

My grandma used it when she teached over 30 years ago. Just to give some quick context.

I’ve actually tried using one of these - it didn’t work out though, because it has absolutely zero back support and was, therefore, always not comfy for me; you can’t even lounge on it! You’re basically forced to sit-up right. What kind of chair is that!?

I’ve seen some high-tech seating at my brother’s work-place that’s specifically designed for ease of use, comfort, AND to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Believe me, once you try one, you’ll never want anything else. Sadly, they’re prohibitively expensive, as with all great things… SIGH

I look forward to seeing this antique. :slight_smile:

I sit on my bed. Pic when I go home.

Super comfy. Got it for $240. Guy wanted to sell us the set for $700, but we only needed this bit.

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I bet - that thing looks like you’d sink right in and suffocate! :smiley:

Reclines, center for my Elite Controller, and 2 cup holders. I absolutely couldn’t resist.

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I got this. Can sit my butt on it for hours without pain.:slight_smile:

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Lol idk man I just love it. I rarely sit back when I am playing games anyway and I can position myself anywhere with it. If I sit for long periods of time on couches or chairs by bum gets hurts, but I don’t have to worry about that with my trusty exercise ball for w.e reason lol

Is that because you’ve since lost all feeling in your backside? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When I’m playing games, I actually slouch quite a bit, and I prop my feet on the bed, which sits between my chair and the TV, so a lot of the time, I’m nearly completely horizontal, with only my head and neck in a vertical position against the back of my chair. It’s not a healthy position by any means, and I suspect that I often put myself to sleep by restricting my own airway in the process, but alas - that is the sacrifice I make for comfort…

This is my couch. And no, I do not have any pictures without my dogs on it. But that makes sense because while my butt’s on the couch, their butts are usually on me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Dogs are +1 FTW! :dog2:

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Damn man I wish I could play like that lol If I am not sitting straight up or even standing like a weirdo I can’t my play best unless it’s something casual like a platformer or something lol like if I lay back and get comfy ill start messing up and getting rekt.