What does Maya shout out during a fight?

I’m not talking about intro/win quote, nor taunts or instinct activation, but what she verbalizes during dagger throws, and fight quotes in general, so far I’ve pin pointed “Temperance!” “Vengeance!” “Loose!” “Destroy!” and what sounds to me like “You’re dead!” but can’t make out any more because of how thick her accent is, nor am I sure if they’re English phrases or something else.

I’m just curious is all, any input would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

As a native Portuguese speaker, she does sound like she’s speaking in Brazilian Portuguese. She says the name of her daggers in Portuguese, but not sure what else. When I get home later I’ll give it a go in Practice mode to see what I can hear.

As someone who doesn’t know a lick of Portuguese, I like to imagine it has something to do with fruit. Specifically hiding switchblades inside of bananas.

######(Disclaimer: I didn’t make this. The o-Maya meme just deserves a comeback)


That’s it, it’s names of banana cultivators “Musa!” “Balbisiana!” “Musa!” “Acuminata!” “Fruit!” “Aaaah peauh!” (That would be “pear” with a slightly Brooklyn accent.)

Even better is “Asimina!” which Google tells me is the first part of the binomial name for a paw paw (shouted during her axe kick)

All this googling tells me I’ve already thought too hard about this joke now…

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Shagretcha (sic)

Mantis. (Mahn-TEES)

Cobra (snake)
Vingança (vengeace)
Luz (light)
Morteiro (mortar)
Água e sal (water and salt) lol

btw, Mira screams “vampira” as she pops her instinct. It means vampire.


Gee, I never would’ve guessed. :sweat_smile:


Thank you! So it was “Luz” not “Loose” I guessed at loose as it was upon releasing a dagger, like letting the power loose.

Unsure of the relevance of “mortar” but water and salt is really amusing. :joy:

Yeah, I got Mantis, any idea on the meaning of “Shagretcha”?

Mira is clearer, I can make out a fair few of hers “Scythe!” “Rampage!” etc.

Lol! I don’t know that’s just what I heard a lot.

This is why we need a new ultra fan book made with all the good behind the scenes info inside.

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picking words from other languages to use as shouts? awesome!

That kind of attention to detail makes games so good.

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True some of the words sounded like Spanish (luz and venganza I also thought she said “templanza”) but since the sound in portuguese is similar in some words we weren’t sure. Speaking some words in Portuguese makes a lot of sense. I always thought it was a nice touch.

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