What do you want from Killer Instinct 4 sequel? Updated

KI Sequel From Happening Anytime Soon!!

Killer instinct 4 sequel, as in a whole new game

5 things I want from killer instinct 4 sequel ?

  1. Bring back slow / fast ultras in KI2
  2. Mini-Ultras
  3. Change some graphics for KI sequel future.
    KI sequel need using a more powerful engine like Unreal 4 real time? Won’t have ugly or cartoony
  4. Making super cool style combo mechanic with less copy+paste
  5. No more season DLC, Don’t need rush sequels

They should include original KI 2 mechanics system slow/ fast ultras and mini-ultras in new KI sequel future? but im not sure if KI fans don’t need them to bring back KI 2 mechanics system include in the new killer instinct sequel

Explain here video what look like slow/ fast ultras in KI GOLD

Slow/ fast ultras in KI Gold

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Season 4 might not happen.

Killer Instinct is not Mortal Kombat X. Both have cool visual styles and character designs. I’d prefer if KI didn’t abandon that style for something else. I would like a new engine (Unreal Engine 4) for the next game and better textures, models, and animations. I would also prefer a complete $60 game at launch, than have a $20 game at launch with bits and pieces being added to it over time. I think it’s the wiser of the two business strategies because it means the DLC has more hype behind it.


i hope so

First of all, don’t say “we”… you don’t speak for everyone here. If those are things YOU want, then that’s perfectly fine though.

And I think you’re talking about a 4th season? Or do you mean an actual sequel, as in a whole new game?

For an actual sequel, I would personally want what KI has brought us, sans the guest characters, but with a better Story Mode (Season 2’s Story Mode was good, but the fact that it was only for Season 2 characters was unacceptable), better graphics, stages for all the characters, all characters have Ultimates, more finishers overall, smoother gameplay, more accessories and costumes.

I didn’t mind the seasonal DLC, but it was just too incoherent. With the game being taken over by Iron Galaxy after Double Helix was a HUGE part of it, and with the game being on a budget etc, it is understandable why the game evolved the way it did. But hopefully a sequel won’t go through the same hardships and would come along smoother and more streamlined.


well i said same thing… i didnt mean similar MKX… but MKX’s character designs look good scale with KI. KI 2013’s character designs look like street fighter rip off

whatever we or i. im sorry if im bad English… yes KI sequel like whole new game…

All i want is the combo system to stay intact. Anything else goes for me.

yes just same KI 2013 mechanics, they really need to add new slow / fast ultras and
mini ultras that all

that how make super cool sytle combo mechanic with less copy and paste? that why we need bring back slow/ fast utlras and mini-ultras…

None of the Killer Instinct characters look like Street Fighter characters. Not even close.

Ok lol

I think KI graphics looks so cartoony

how about for it to be 13 new characters, I know a succubus and a War Fan wielding shrine maiden that would be perfect for the season 4 roster

ki franchise would hate to see this season 4 not end LOL

I’d really love redesigned original stages like Netherrealm did for the haunted tree stage and the bridge stages, bring orchids KI city rooftop and ki2 helipad into existence with unreal graphics

Bring Kims dojo back and make it like the awesome doa cherry blossom stage or the soul calibur setsuka stage


The design is there just update them

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They been working on KI for 4years for a reason but I agree KI 4K Sequel please don’t rush it. I want a lot of things back from KI and KI2 to be working on KI2013 for 4years and still not completely finished??? Its more to come in KI they just trying not to rush it but when are we going to get a new announcement about something!!!

NEW KI have a LARGE number of attacks that I`d love to use much often but the game is all about combos…

Would it be cool to disable combos sometimes just to play KI in different style? Like old Mortal Kombat 1-2, Street Fighter 2 and so on. So players could only relate on simple moves, special attacks and projectiles, less button mashing - would be whole new feeling of the same game with another set of strategies allowing to return in game more to discovery and learn again. Could breeze new life in game for players who left it.
I`m sure this Mode would be a real task to do for a programmers.