What do you think about the content?

So, after the many topics in the community about the new content coming to the game and the mixed opinions about, I decide to make things a little bit more clear about how it’s people feeling about this new content, so that’s why this poll it’s about, to see how the community is taking all this post-season 3 updates, if you have an opinion about it or something you wanna address about your choice, please make it clear on the comments but in the most constructive way :slight_smile:

Do you like stagger and flip out mechanics???

  • Stagger
  • Flip out
  • None

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Do you like gold skins???[poll max=2 public=true]

  • Like it
  • Just for some characters
  • Don’t like it

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Do you like unlockable skins (mimic and shadow)???

  • Mimic
  • Shadow
  • Neither

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What about the ultimates???

  • Like it
  • More or less
  • Don’t like it

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Do you play Shadow Lords???

  • Yes
  • Sometimes
  • No

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Do you use the shadow lab???

  • Yes, I play against other shadows too
  • Just to make my shadow
  • No

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I love shadow lab!
I hope they add up to 5 shadow slots


Idk about 5 but at least one or two more lol.


I prefer Flip Outs and Staggers to Recaptures to be honest. I’ve always felt that cashing out juggles was always up to the amount of meter you had. But that’s just me.

Its all good-

1- Id would rather the gold skins be applied in a way were the
fighter outfit is not affected, so the “skin” is gold, but the uniform
keeps its original color.

2-Im ok with the rest- Shadow Lards are cool too.

3-Not a big fan of juggling though, wast of fight time.

4-Mimics add to the game, but again the “Skin” should
change, not the outfit.

I dont mind stagger and flipout.

Gold skins suck butt.

Mimic and Shadow skins look good only on creatures and robots.

I am indifferent to Ultimates, cool they are in.

Shadow lab is cool but I dont play it much.

@BblackorchidD @REYNOSOFUA11 I love the mode too, and I think with at least a slot more would be enough…but 5 sounds better:sweat_smile:
@salindy13 I like how stagger and flip outs works with my characters and made for sor some interesting combos with the cast, same as recapture, but that’s imo
@JouksNetlander I can see that with skins, but some of them look really cool like Tusk, juggling it`s my thing…at least with my characters xD
@VerminatorX Same thing with the skins :slight_smile:


Shadow lab is one of the best ideas ever. A good shadow is always better than the AI if you want to start and play online and are new to the game. I really love the idea and hope there are more ways to develop the concept in the future!

I went to GDC 2016 were there was a talk about the shadows. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that talk :grin:, specially because it was also KI related. The ideas were wonderful!!. I wish there were more options to teach my shadow better ways to dealing with some stuff, like the way they showed in the conference, in the training stage.

Also I played so many mirror matches against my shadow that it’s interesting to see what it’s doing against me. Sometimes it surprises me and sometimes I say “I don’t do thaaaat!!” :joy:


In general, I love the Ultimates so far, I like the stagger and flip-outs which are some interesting mechanics and honestly they do not feel like their unfair as some do. Mimic and Shadow skins are fine.

Overall I like the content we’re getting : >


I don’t think people realize how fun it is and challenging to fight your own shadow.
That’s one of the reasons why I want more slots.
Why deal with a salty person in New Hampshire who spams moves and rage quits or trash talks when I can have engaging viable matches without the interruptions

You can also save the successful actions you react with your own habitual combos / openers to apply to your shadow’s arsenal. That is what makes it so interesting to observe.

I will say, though sometimes I see my shadow reacting oddly in some replay matches and not sure if it’s lag or improper loading

And, I get that shadow skins with all the purple gas was fresh last year but I’m kinda getting tired of seeing EVERY shadow match having purple gas. I’d like to see gold skins applied to retro and new basic colors for clothing/ or at least some new costumes.

Games like Injustice2 & Marvel Heroes Omega having such vast costumes make me cringe at the low options for my FAVE game


@MaruMDQ I must admit that I rarely fight against my shadows, most of the time just record the data against other people shadows, if start doing weird things, then it’s when I start tot try to “educate” it again :joy: hope that in the future, aside from slots they put new ways to interact with shadows or some news regards just like the skins, that was a really good incentive for me :relieved:
@JEFFRON27 I think the characters that got them fits them really good, they make for a more creative playstyle for each player if you choose to use them or not, in the case of skins, they are free and have cool effects, the only pay DLC are gold skins so for me, it’s good enough :+1:
@BblackorchidD The fact that Thunder it’s the only character with a costume makes me feel very salty just because I hate to fight him :sweat_smile: hoping for an Aganos costumes through :disappointed_relieved:


@MaruMDQ and @BblackorchidD actually fought my shadow once, I learned how much an ■■■■■■■ I am as far as fighting tactics go, It feels really weird fighting yourself…


I gotta add, I dont mind varying quality of skins/colors and Ultimates. KI already provides me what I want from a fighting game, so I am glad about additional content but don’t particularly crave for it.

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Agreed the game play and graphics are great everything else is just a bonus.
The gold skin to me is like a “status symbol”, would be nice if you could pick
the color.

My Kim completely demolishes me !!!

I surely wish I could fight my sadira/ Maya/ Hisako /Aria shadows

You just need to record some stuff. But yes, it gives you hints on what you do.

@VerminatorX Same here, I would like more costumes just because Thunder had one, but counting the retro costumes, accessories, colors and skins, I think it’s good enough :slight_smile:
@JouksNetlander It would have been nice that the skins were a reward when you get to level 50 or killer rank :+1:

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