What do you look for in a character?

So guys, I’ve been doing some thinking, and I came up with an interesting question for you all.
We’ve gone over who we main, but now the question remains:
Why do we main them? What is it that draws us to them rather than another character?
What’s more important in your decision, aesthetics or gameplay? And what about these different elements are you looking for?
What kind of gameplay style? Do you cater towards certain archetypes like shotos or rushdown?
How about character design? Are there certain tropes or traits you look for? Which is more important to you, physical attributes or personality?

I’m curious to see what you all have to say!

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Ease of use.

I like wulf, spinal, rip. These are all pretty easy to use characters.
As opposed to say kanra, fulgore, maya That require a bit of work to get the basic feeling of them.

there all complex in there own way but I think some are easier to pick up and go over others.

Fun factor, if I don’t like how they look and play I’m not interested. I have to enjoy it.

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For me, it’s their unique gameplay elements and underdog status. I like to use the characters people don’t think you can win with: Dhalsim in SF4, Baraka and Sheeva in MK9, Lex Luthor in IGAU, and Aganos in KI - all of which have placed me within the top 50-200 in their respective games’ leaderboards at 1 point or another…

A hit man with close quarters skills and gun skills.

I’m Kinda with GG for the most part, but I find using characters that are appealing to me game-wise and their look. Only Exception if the character looks B.A. Lol

I just try out the characters until I find one that feels right. For KI, that’s Spinal. Playing MKX, I hated – and still do – the character design for Kung Jin, but as soon as I got to his chapters in the story mode, his play style instantly clicked for me. Fortunately his secondary costume isn’t terrible.

If he/she looks good and is fun to play.

Also, I never really cared for guest characters but they do have to fit in with the rest of the cast.

Look, don’t really care about playstyle I’ll try to learn any character as long they look cool and they don’t play absolutely horrendous. As for what kind of look I can’t say really, it varies depending on the game. In KI it was Glacius, in Tekken it was King, in SF4 it was Yun.

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For me it’s the following:

1: Uniqueness: How well do they stick out from the rest of the group. KI is good at this both game-play wise, and in the designs of the character themselves. If a character takes to my particular interest I’ll want to start learning them. Most games like Tekken I ended up leaving cause there wasn’t alot of characters that stuck out to me. Any that were interesting to me only appeared in Tekken Tag nowadays.

2: learning the character is really the low priority of what’s important to me. If I like a character enough I don’t care how complicated they are, If I like em’ enough to actually want to get good with them. Most folks prefer simplicity which is fine. But if you really really like those characters you’ll find ways to adjust. I’ve done the same with both Cinder and Riptor.

3: Fun-factor: this applies strictly to new characters. If they don’t have any looks that appeal to me/design looks to “regular” (to get an idea what I mean look at 90 percent of the Tekken cast} then I may not use them very much if at all. But if fun factor plays a roll in how interesting they’ll actually be. I’m not one to really underestimate a character by apperance alone in combat so if they’re any good I’ll use em.

I have a mose simple list and a more complex list.


  1. They have a move that dashes behind you
  2. They play a good rushdown
  3. They kick a lot
  4. They have a sword
  5. They use fire (yeah…)


  1. The initial first try - Actually picking a character for the first time and seeing if you like them. This is how I got around to using Hisako for a bit.
  2. Fun - I won’t keep playing a character if they aren’t fun (Sabrewulf).
  3. Feeling myself - I like playing characters that make me feel good about my wins. Winning with Cinder’s juggles and burnouts are probably the most satisfying things in the game.
  1. A killer design
  2. Killer gameplay
  3. A killer theme
    Those are things I look for in a character.

Generally I like balanced type characters so that way I can have a answer for every situation with good speed and mobility

First off, I have to like a character’s design. I have to think they look cool to play them.

After that, I think mobility is a big piece. I like a character who can kind of control how and when they approach. Some type of mobility in the air is a big plus - I like for characters to be able to change their jump trajectory. And I also like command grabs. :grin:

For me its the character that is too hard for everyone else. The characters that you barely see anyone else play with.

Example: I main Glacius cause at the highest level of play, you have to sort of play him like a game a chess where you have to be thinking what set up you’re going to to next. His mobility is slow and so are the starts ups of two of his specials. I pocket Cinder and Omen as well. Used to pocket Kan Ra and Hisako but more people are leaning towards them now so I don’t play them anymore.

My next character I actually have my eyes on next s ARIA.

  1. best rushdown
  2. amazing design
  3. fast dash
  4. high damage

The character needs a Killer Instinct.

desing and unique and badass game play

Intresting post :blush:

For me its the following:

  1. I always gravatate to female characters (no idea why but there is somthing amazing about girl power lol)

  2. Speed is pretty essential i like my character to have normals i can rely on.

  3. Design is key if the character looks amazing there is a massive chance ill want to play with them even if they are different in game play types /glacius /kanRa /hisako /aria /orchid

  4. Tech. Controversially i like tech in KI i loove mayas ability to charge her blades and ender with POWER. I love the way hisako plays the parry game and i love the way Aria plays rish down and zoning in each game! Mostly i dont “love” wulfs game play. Its too simplistic got me.

However i dont main… BUT my level 50s so far are hisako, maya, kan ra and aria (everyone else is kinda close 47 ish) but all these characters have intresting game play types and individual skills

Oddly enough I’ve started leaning more towards female characters in a lot of games and stories (I try to write occasionally, never get far) as of late. It’s usually for role-playing purposes, main reason being that if I’m going to be looking at this character a lot I might as well enjoy looking at them. :stuck_out_tongue:
Of course more than anything I prefer my characters to have a quirk that makes them unique among a see of samey protagonists. Whether they be monstrous or animalistic or among the living dead or even just plain raving mad.
Also, power helps, but it should be tempered somewhat. I like to have characters with weakness, to make it so they earn their victories. This isn’t so much a fighting game quality as it is a drive for good character writing and/or why I play Dark Souls. It can be fun to watch something you’ve created suffer and come out better for it.