What difficulty level was KI arcade (1994)?

I’m trying to play KI Classic and keep the difficulty true to as it was in the arcades. Anyone know what level I should use ? I’m assuming I should use Hard, but then there’s Medium and Extra Hard. Anyone know?

You could set the difficulty in the arcade machine as well so it depends on what your local arcade operator set it to be. I’m not sure what was considered “standard” but I would put good money that the options were identical to the options in KI classic because I’m sure they didn’t write new AI algorithms for the port.


1 level above medium is what I recccomend

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Standard was normal, if they wanted you the AI to destroy you it was extra hard or hard (in extra hard the AI would take all your life even with a triple combo, and would break the breakers) I recomend not playing that level until you are comfortable enough with your character.

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I’m assuming the arcade I used was on hard then. I tried on medium but Eyedol hardly or never regenerates his health. On Hard he does. And I remember him regenerating Health every chance he got at the arcade.

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