What did you do to fulgore?!?!?

I’ve read and have been adapting to the changes you guys gave him; no more strong anti-air (plus hitbox on cyber uppercut makes it hard to crush cross ups), HK -> HP target combo (cancels into specials), and all his heartbreaking slowed down eyebeams. But his standing HK?? WTF DID YOU DO, IRON GALAXY?? That move was completely underrated! Why did you take away its knockback power on block?? It’s utility was to take the opponent out of position and confuse them! Now it just a weeny tap! You didn’t even list that on the Season 3 patch notes! The only good use for that move now is when it connects! And even I find myself surprised when it does. Why did you do it???

His LP dragon punch and pip cancel dragon punch are just fine for anti-airs

Fulgore is just fine…even better IMO


cr.FP also good for anti-air. if the guy keeps crossing you up and you cant do anything…just dash forward. he’ll continue the attack so block. if you see him just walking in on you for a throw, st.LK > linker > combo. set him up for a hard knockdown with fireball ender and go ham!

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His new Heavy eye laser is just BEAST! Forget anti air…dont let them even get near you lol

lol you can HP beam > they jump > you pip cancel into DP lollll

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Standing roundhouse, gave you significant advantage to an already powerful Fulgore. Both, knock back power and a guaranteed hard knockdown on hit and even then, it’s special cancelable.

Given all the other things in Fulgore’s arsenal, this is a balance change, and imo, a small one at that. Fulgore has literally everything else you need in a hybrid character who can play multiple types of character archetypes. Zoning, rushdown, etc.

The character is wildly accepted in S2 as best in the game, with multiple anti air moves, and now anti air jumping shadow laser which also causes a hard knockdown when in the air. Fulgore has to suffer somewhere and this appears to be one of them where he cannot be awarded with distance and block push to be safe.

lol isn’t fulgore one of the least changed characters?

The writing was on the wall for heavy laser back in season 2 when Keits jumped on the forums, broke the news that it was too oppressive, and laid out our options – neither of which was all that great, really. They’ve also used this opportunity to knock medium laser on the head, which was a prime candidate for best move in the game as it was. I’m pretty sure light even laser got nerfed, which was like a better version of Jago’s medium laser sword, though medium laser kinda slots in here now.

Basically it looks to me like they used this rework as an opportunity to stealth-nerf Fulgore – and why wouldn’t they? On paper, Fulgore was easily the best character in the game. He can play, like, three or four radically different archetypes, ffs:

  • Hard rushdown: a strong frame-trapper with the forward-moving axis smash (+2 on block), great range and advantage (+2) on LK and crMK, +1 on both clMP and clMK, a fast low-hitting opener in light eye laser with plus frames on block and amazing manuals on hit, and chargeable blade dash for frame advantage from further out or as a kind of “clap” up close; great range on his throw; and a dirty overhead which cancels into aforementioned great low laser and actually requires a high-to-low fuzzy block. If a pressure string doesn’t work out for him, he could easily push you out to midscreen and try something else.
  • Zoning: staggered fireballs, an almost instantaneous midscreen-hitting projectile-destroying laser with fast recovery, anti-air options including the heavy laser and a 3-frame DP providing for great coverage, a screen-relative teleport so he can play runaway and escape the corners, and pip-cancelling which allows him to combine all these things in dirty ways, e.g. fireball xx DP, fireballs xx heavy laser to catch jumping opponents and make them fall into the fireballs, etc. Then there’s increased mobility and hype beam option which Fulgore gains access to by maxing his meter out via either instinct or his (as noted above, really good) pressure game, the combination of which Rico Suave leaned on to win the 2016 Evo grand final.
  • Projectile rushdown: whilst not quite the vortex monster that Spinal is at the height of his momentum, Fulgore has comparable fireball teleport setups off any knockdown, or even in neutral against a frustrated opponent. He can force the opponent to guess, e.g. fireball into teleport into overhead or low, with minimal risk, and if his opponent blocks he’s at plus frames and can either transition into his pressure game or run off again.

I could go on. With his mobility, medium laser, crMK and various other buttons he was a pretty good footsies character as well. A lot of this is attenuated somewhat by his meter situation: early-game he’s kinda slow (not really slow) and motivated to play some rushdown to get access to those pip cancels, shadow counters are kinda out of the question until mid-game at least, and just generally he has to maintain meter carefully, which makes him difficult to manage. The breadth of archetypes he can fluidly switch between in a match also makes for some difficult decision-making, not to mention the steep execution requirements of having so many facets of his various gameplans nailed down and accessible in concert. But that versatility is also where his strength lies. It’s extremely difficult for an opponent to deal intelligently with Fulgore’s solid zoning game, and then cope with a sudden switch to his potent rushdown.

So if anything, it’s almost surprising that Fulgore got away so lightly and with such subtle nerfs, and actually got some good new toys to play with. I guess that has in part to do with the fact that nobody has really unlocked Fulgore yet, and also in part with the fact that this is KI, where characters get to be strong and have broad, deep gameplans.

Sorry to hear that your stHK pushback got nerfed, though. I’m guessing that they want Fulgore to fight a little harder for space when he decides he wants out, but you seem upset that you lost a thing you like to do, which always sucks. I didn’t really lose anything like that with any of my mains (Jago, getting there with Riptor and Glacius) so I should offer my condolences to those who have. :frowning:

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Am I the only one who thinks Fulgore is the best character in the game (or at least top 5)

Also I think his changes are cool but here is a summary of IG in a nutshell

‘We like to fix things that were not broken’…also not adding ultiamtes

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I am talking about season 3…

It’s not like the changes substantially changed the situation. Top 3 at worst, I’d say. That’s the case being made by most here, if you read between the lines.

You need to be able to adapt quickly to the opponent in S3. He has less options now. The options he does have now are amazing though, YOu just need to find a chance to use the options.

I am convinced that @keits hates the robot!

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I wouldn’t trust it. Especially against Sadira (and her annoying widows drop) and Glacius(icicle kicks all day) they’ll hit you if you have bad timing. Also even worse off with CyberUppercut. since the FDF motion takes time compared to others.

Admittedly I’ll miss his hold heavy lazer, but the new H-lazer still has potential. It just means certain characters can now get away with junk now with no real way to cover other than the FDF motion punches.

I think standing HK is ok for now I can still send people back if they are in the air. But if they’re close enough a good wall-splat should set them up for some fun stuff.

Try it out OP. You may like it.

He may have de-buffs but that flip out after a counter breaker or shadow breaker Completely compensate’s everything, he’s better now than ever. Just cuz of that.
To prove how good he is, I challenge anyone but they must post those videos here on the forum, I won’t cuz I honestly dont know how cuz I won’t invest much time as I should into it, prove to me that I should and I’l train and focus better and make better vids , DEUCES

This. He has less options. IMO,his new target combo is meh. The buffs I can’t figure out how to use them. The nerfs made me sad. I would sacrifice his target combo for his old light laser back. Plus I lost color 9 due to not being able to use my main account. I suggest you use color nine. It seems to buff up Fulgore. It is probably just me though.

It saddens me to admit I main’d fulgore season 1 and season 2, he got nerfed a few times during those patches but I thought he was fine. Season 3 however is an utter disappointment. His changes are just not that exciting and his nerfs while they don’t make him weak they still nag at me as an annoyances. There’s just so many other characters that got significant changes, new fun mechanics to work with and his are just so lackluster add the nerfs into it and he’s the least exciting character in season 3. I mean you have new crazy sadira and orchid juggles, fireball cancels on jago, dive kick and, ground bounce and flip out stuff on wulf. Then you have fulgore DHK to HP and new lasers which were nerfed significantly.

I want to love him but can’t help but feel disappointed.

I’m hopeful to find some videos of people showing off tech of heavy laser and his command normal.


lol, i am havin a blast with him. his juggle combos im learning are very sweet and fun to do! can start juggling them, instinct cancel after a MP lazer linker then do a ground bounce with his overhead and keep that going and end it with shadow DP. hes also got teleport reset > st.FK > cyberdash > combo as well

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You follow Killer Instinct Ultimate Fans on FB at all?
Guy named Alex Demio posted a video you should take a look at…