What did Spinal look like before he was cursed, and died?

We all know who Spinal is, the seven seas cackling skeleton with a wild ambition for havoc, but what was his human form before he became the terror of bones that he is now?

In his story, him and a couple of crooks took the seas, but were captured and punished by the King of Babylon, who then request Kan-Ra to place The Mask of The Ancients upon him, which basically turned him into a walking pin-cushion of agony (Where he was powerful from rage, but could feel every scrape, cut, wound, break, stabbing, the works.) What I’d wonder, was he just as evil as he is now, just less stable, or was he a more methodical soldier, packing quite a punch while also knowing his way around locations.

Here are two concepts sketches I drew about this idea




I like the menacing look of V1

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