What controller do you use? Xbox One/ Windows 10

well, I’m curious about that, let us know wich one is your controller!!! because I like to play Ki with fightingstick instead of a gamepad, Mine is Madcatz SFIV stick moded with sanwa parts :smile:

I just use a regular X1 controller

Padding it up like menstruation.

Xbox Elite

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DIY Hitbox (Xbox one padhack)

Those are custom silenced sanwa buttons. It works flawlessly both on X1 and PC.

…and yep, my dog stares at me when I use it ahahaha.


Yo, I appreciate your craftsmanship.

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Mr. Morning rocks a Qanba Q4 with Sanwa buttons and joystick w/ square gate, 2lb tension spring & bat-top grip.

Mme. Morning rocks a Qanba Q2 w/ Sanwa buttons, square gate, standard spring & balltop grip.

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Razer Atrox: Octagonal gate, Sanwa buttons and bat-top joystick w/ 2lb tension spring!


I use a Custom fight stick made by Stan the man. I also have a TE-2, an Xbox Elite and regular Xbox controller that I use for MKX and other games.

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oh sweet, looks simple but very nice!!!

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what does exactly a 2 lb tension spring?

It is just a replacement 2lb spring to the existing 1 lb spring found in JFL joysticks… it adds about 1.1lb more force than the original, resulting in a stiffer joystick. Somewhat of a preference on whether you are ok with the loose joystick feel from the original

thanks man:)

thanks:) I like minimal looks, it’s all matte black laser cut plexy, the only detail is my logo cut out in the upper left corner:)

I’m using the original XBOne controller but thinking about upgrading to the Elite. I have a question about it though: for anyone that uses the Elite controller do the button configurations on the back of the controller serve a purpose to you? Could they be assigned to different strengths of combo breakers or perhaps a certain move?

Currently waiting on the arrival of 2 Power A fusion controllers for the Xbox One. gonna be my default.

I use a stick. Wish I could play on the XB1 pad, though. It’d make playing at night time a lot less disruptive.

Updated artwork!

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I play on a standard Xbox One controler - tried 2 elites and both broke in 4 months due to different reasons in both cases.