What Character should I main?

Iv been playing for a few years and I,v stopped on some characters but none of them have really sold me. I love KI and I’m just getting back into it after a year or so, so I’d love some advice on character choice. If anyone wants to get together and practice let me know. :slight_smile:

Depends. I pick mains based on the character itself. I main riptor because she has great gameplay that makes me feel like a beast. But I picked her as my favorite because of the whole Dinosaur thing.


When starting SFV I asked that question to a top player. He told me that I should pick the character I like :laughing:

That was it


That’s a tough question, however a good starting place is just going into Player vs CPU and trying out a few characters, and don’t fret if your main doesn’t come to you at once. I, for example, started out as a Sabrewulf main, but then fell in love with Sadira and now I main her. :smiley:

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Most of the time, pick the character you like the most! Like, I like Kim Wu, because of her flashy nunchuck moves, and because she’s a cool character in general. Maybe you like Riptor because she’s a Fire-breathing Dinosaur. Or maybe you are a Halo Fan, and decide Arbiter is who you’ll play because he looks cool. Play who you like! Don’t worry about if they are good or not. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much everyone!! I appreciation all of your advice :slight_smile: Im still not sure who I should pick I’ll probably just mess around with some characters. I would love to have some people to vs to see if improving. But I was just curious what peoples thoughts are on maybe a strong character I’m thinking of using riptor.