What can i spend Killer Instinct KI Points on besides Icons, Banners etc?

First off…Hello World! I am new to Killer Instinct so please go gentle on me as its my first time :blush:

What can i spend Killer Instinct KI Points on besides Icons, Banners etc?

I just bought the Supreme Edition on PC and really new to the game…So far loving it but the only real main issue besides the obvious UWP ballocks…is the Frame Rate issues because am running on a 120Hz Monitor but i’ve used Nvidia Inspector Profiler as a workaround to lower my framerate until the Developers get this issue resolved!

Back to topic!!!..With my purchase of the Supreme Edition i got 18,000 KI Points but i dunno what i can buy with them as all ive sen ingame is Icons, Banners, Artwork…not very appealing if you ask me…I thought i was able to buy extra characters, costumes, colours more exciting stuff like that but so far am just left confused :confused:

I hope some of you awesome people of the community can shed some light on this as i have spend quite a bit of time tonight searching on Google with no mention of the subject of KI coins/points strangely enough…

Thanks in advance for ready my first thread and i look for ward to hearing from you all very soon :slight_smile:


It’s been hinted to save it for the shadow Lords mode for now where it will be used for more interesting stuff

Colors. I think you can use them to unlock colors faster. There are special colors when you reach level 50 for each character that unlock and are pretty sweet. The most notable being Fulgore’s, Shadow Jago’s, Spinals, and Kan Ras’s. They hint that there will be more things coming in the coming months that will make those KI gold points worth using.

Rukari hinted at more options being available apart from current options. I would assume colors, accessories and maybe even more to do with Shadow Lords.

Oh also, Welcome to Killer Instinct and the forums.

First of all welcome to the KI community, glad to hear u are enjoying the game so far. As of right now, u can only use KI gold to unlock things faster, there isn’t anything like characters etc u can buy with it.

Welcome to the KI forums and glad you are enjoying the game.
Like others have said you can unlock colours faster if that you want or just save them for Shadow Lords and see if that will bring new items into the game to purchase.

In my opinion, the best current use of KI gold is for premium accessories and classic costumes because that is the only way to get them.

Except he bought supreme edition, so thats not a good use at all for him.

Do you need any help learning the game?