What body armors would you like to wear?

What body armors/suits of armor from games would you like/want to wear as well as enjoy wearing?

Here are a couple of mine that I would enjoy wearing:
The Praetor Suit from Doom aka Doom 4:

The Advanced Suit from Dead Space 2:

Any of the abyssal armors from Darksiders

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The invisible body armor from bayonetta/Devil May cry that lets you get shot and staved multiple times but still get back up.


LoL… Shout Outs to Horse Armor DLC.

As for me… I’d like a pair of these:

These are the Long Fall Boots from Portal 2.



How about this?

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Iron Man anyone? lol That would be sick!


The standard or Terminator armors that the Space Marines use in Warhammer 40,000. Or the Engineering Suit from Dead Space (specifically the version that cameos in the sequels which I believe is the Tier 2 variant).