What are your KI nitpicks?

I agree with the recycled animations like how many characters have that drop kick ender? Maya, aria, thunder, way too many lol I also agree with that so called annihilation move, like really? Why separate from the ultimate to cheapen the character?

My nitpicks are
Lack of knock offs (stage fatality)
Those horrid new shadow effects

That’s it or it’ll become a whole different discussion lol.

From another thread, things I’d like to see changed:

  • Shorten the time of the initial check for downloadable content

  • Move the cursor in character select to your last played character

  • Move the cursor post match to rematch instead of Save Shadow Data in case you’re playing with one of your Shadow characters

  • Let me preview all the accessories of a retro costume without buying it first

  • Give me the option to bind a color to a customization slot, so the cursor is already on the preset color when i choose that slot

  • omen visuel (stance, skin, he is ugly).
  • Ender lvl4 de saison 3 (of course)
  • Orchid’s hair
  • Shago’s ultimate realise in the dark; he effects used for enders lvl4 of the season 3 to be used for this ultimate…

otherwise, the game is good :wink:

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This is an interesting thread. I actually have a ton of things that I would have done differently, so I will happily share (since anytime I say I like something I’m accused of being a fanboy).

  1. DP’s - Jago’s sword DP and Fulgore’s Spin from the old KI’s would look better than the standard DP’s they have now. I don’t know why they didn’t stick with the original.

  2. Cinder has too many juggles

  3. In general, most of the S2 characters abandon the “4 special moves” rule and the game is getting too complex

  4. Manuals - I still feel like they are taking a beautiful “mind game” based system that has low execution and then adding back in higher execution moves to placate the tiny fraction of the user base that plays in tournaments. I just don’t think it’s a great design choice to have manual options in the middle of “golden path” combos. For juggles or openers to start with a manual is fine, but mid-combo manuals don’t make sense to me.

  5. Lack of no mercies - they took the game in a different direction, but I always liked the no mercies in the original games. They don’t need to be gory or overly involved, but it was something fun

  6. Lack of Shadow accessory options - it’s weird to go to all this trouble to make a fighter that behaves like you and then shortchange the customization options.

  7. Cinders double fireflash ender - this was my favorite ender in KI1, and It’s nowhere to be found in this game

  8. Sadira. I just hate Sadira - her look, her moves, her playstyle. bleh. Her intro animation - the way she spins around on the ground in a way no human being with a skeleton has ever moved. Just not a fan.

  9. The S2 UI - I actually preferred the fire aesthetic of S1. And the business of having a menu for single player, a menu for multiplayer and a menu for shadows just seems messy. It wouldn’t be an issue of the menus didn’t respond so slowly.

  10. Shago’s ultimate - I am not a fan of these pre-scripted “combo” type moves like SF Ultra Combos. It gets boring after a while.

  11. Maya’s Mantis - what the heck is an unblockable airborne move that can only be avoided by crouching (which is a terrible thing to do against an airborne opponent in all other respects) doing in any game? It’s okay though, because it comes out super fast and does a lot of damage…

  12. Load times - especially in lobbies

  13. The insane timing of shadow counters - plus the ability to easily stuff many or most characters shadow counters. Hopefully this gets better in S3 and this becomes a viable thing in the game instead of an incredibly situational waste of meter

  14. The grind to unlock colors. Coupled with the fact that playing your main in ranked after level 50 means “throwing away” experience. I actually think this has mentally discouraged me from playing the game.

  15. Gargos. Gargos is lame. He was lame before and he still seems pretty lame.

  16. Lack of better individual character training options and modes

  17. Lack of shadow breaker practice option. If @infilament can build this on his computer then surely MS can put something like this in the game. Recognizing that you can go and set up character dummies and manually record moves to do all of this, it’s still an insane amount of hassle.

  18. Funky and opaque timing to break shadow moves - it should be intuitive when to break shadow moves. Not seeing a series of seemingly five continuous hits but a break window of two consecutive hits and inexplicable pause then a shorter window box on hit four and a long one one hit five. What the heck is that?

  19. S2 character autodoubles that all look the same - I’m looking at you Hisako. I can’t ever tell what the heck she is doing

I’m sure I could come up with more, but I have to go do something more fun.

  1. Kan Ra
  2. Kan Ra
  3. Kan Ra
  4. Kan Ra
  5. Kan Ra
  6. Kan Ra
  7. Kan Ra
  8. Kan Ra
  9. Kan Ra
  10. Kan Ra
  11. Kan Ra
  12. Kan Ra
  13. Kan Ra
  14. Kan Ra
  15. Kan Ra
  16. Kan Ra
  17. Kan Ra
  18. Kan Ra
  19. Kan Ra
  20. Kan Ra
  21. Nerf Fusion Rifles (Destiny fans will get this)

For me:

No Ultimates is the biggest one. Though for me it actually makes one thing I was lookin forward to on season3 to be kinda pointless. I’m not really as hyped for season3 as I was for Season2 to be honest. But it doens’t mean season3 isn’t bringing any good things to the table.

Poor Kan-ra…


Maya and tj animations.
The whole concept for omen its really bad for me. Those random fireballs it is a crazy idea from a gameplay standpoint and he looks unfinished, but he is a bomus character so its fine.

I wish as well i could change the main theme in the menus. The slow and calm part i just love it, it really sets the mood which make me fell relaxed. The rock part i cant stand anymore. I even sometimes remove my headphones between matches.

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Ooh, I forgot random fireballs. I’m not a big fan either. It’s worth noting too that this was something else that was going to completely ruin the competitive scene when it was announced…

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That too many people main saberwulf

Player XP stops at 50…WHY??? It should never end…ever!

Player 2 cant log into Xbox profile and gain XP, ect

Cant choose color in Character customization

No Arcade ladder with Boss battle at the end for EVERY CHARACTER (Story mode doesn’t count)

Only 2 Shadow slots available.

Not being able to pick any character and fight Shadows in stead of having to pick from only 2 Shadow characters.

No game tag search in Shadows

Only Survival ladder available in Shadows…needs regular life bar ladder.





Lucky for me, Kan’s S3 changes are going to resolve a LOT of the gripes I have with this character. :slightly_smiling:

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What? You don’t like Sadira? How can anybody NOT LIKE SADIRA! :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again, I am biased as she’s my main. :slightly_smiling:

And in S3, you can only expect more jumpy goodness. :smiley:

  • 2P cannot play together locally and both progress their stats
  • Orchid’s Retro costume not having the short boots from KI1
  • Fulgore and Sabrewulf’s Retro Costume Designs
  • Maya’s Retro Hair (texture and length)
  • Rash is in the game
  • Shadow Characters not very active unless directly challenged (could appear in Shadow Survival more often)
  • No Tag/Team Mode (or any alternative mode for 2P couch play)
  • No Ultimates for the cast
  • Shadow Jago has no accessories.

However, these thing in no way outweigh the things I love bout the game.

  • Orchids lips
  • Orchids nose
  • Orchids hair
  • Orchids eyebrow
  • The pixely textures on Hisakos face during her win pose
  • Riptors theme is boring
  • The hair on TJs Hip Hop classic costume is almost transparent
  • Sadiras hair
  • The ARIA announcer isn’t hype
  • Spinal eyes just look like boring red beads
  • Spinals eyes aren’t green just like his hero art
  • Spinals eyes don’t glow
  • Sabrewulfs retro looks like a diseased rat thats dying
  • I don’t like the new leagues system
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  • Guest Characters
  • Purple Shadow effects that look horrible
  • New Level 4 Ender (pointless, ugly background flash, and the camera movement makes it look awkward)
    But a simple camera shake which was suggested in another thread with gif.'s looks great
  • No Ultimate per character
  • Kim Wu, TJ Combo, Maya non-fluid, stiff animations
  • Kim Wu’s static, spazy movements, effect heavy
  • No Tag Team mode
  • Removed Camera Zoom from Character customization screen
  • Omen because of his recycled animations and he doesn’t feel complete like the rest of the roster

Wow there are some REALLY good ones in here that I never thought of, thanks for sharing!

  • Most of the characters in S2 are incredibly annoying to fight against, and just as difficult control. You have to give up playing other characters to really master them.

  • It’s painfully obvious that S1/2 had two different developers

  • It seems as though the devs sometimes take mechanics from characters they dislike only to take those same mechanics and give them to newly developed characters. (this may not be the case, but its how i feel)

  • Sadira’s new Bison-like head stomp (it’s really silly)

  • All of Hisako’s auto-doubles look exactly the same. We had this same problem with TJ and Cinder’s trail blazer stuff.

  • Maya’s dagger antics.

  • Cinder’s invincible reversal

  • Orchid’s grenade. Some her normals, even with the best connection, are incredibly difficult to perceive online.

  • Shadow Jago…is he the only character in the game whose entire move set is unsafe? People complain about him, but he has no way to approach an opponent who exploits this (most players).

  • The new L4 ender animation. Just, no… they remind of the soul calibur critical finishes.

  • Small fonts in the rank menus, most people play on 24" screen or bigger use all the space

  • Empty customization boxes

  • When you finish a match in exhibition and the other player is picking their nose, you cant check you stats you have to back out of rematch/change character. I would love the option to select rematch and still check how I did in the last match until my opponent has made their decision

  • I need to option to watch my matches without going in to the game, ideally I would love to be able to go into the game hub and watch my matches to see where I need to improve see mistakes I made. I don’t like having to record stuff having pointless videos in my feed

  • When I’m the lab trying to evolve the tech, the menu is way tooo sensitive tone it down

  • In exhibition the only way to change the stage is to go back into character select, give us the option please!

  • I don’t like the fact that people know what character you last used when playing exhibition or ranked

  • I don’t like when customising your character if you select a item but move the curser on to something else it changes it so then you have to scroll through everything without selecting stuff just to see what the character looks like with the accessories you want

  • Checking downloaded content. its gone back to taking ages again

that’s all I can think of for now :expressionless: