What are your current ranked records?

I am stuck in Gold and i feel like a scrub.

My record right now is 20-37 with Omen. I wuold like to know if i really am bad, or if it is just because the league is stacked against me.

Ive been facing Salt God, Summerall, Menzo, and 2 others with pro stars, so im hoping that my record is at least “OK” considering my competition.

What is everyone elses records? How is Season 3 ranked week 1 treating you?

Your fine. I am 0-0

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Same here, I haven’t even went into ranked yet. Still studying Kim lol. @MrxFlutterShy don’t sweat it man, just remember even the best players started at square one. We were all scrubs once upon a time, believe it :wink:

I’m 21-4. Got to Gold tier, but seem to lose nearly all of my points for a loss, yet only gain a measly 5 for a win. Ugh.