What are you currently listening to?






My fav song from this album… to bad the band has imploded several times and is hanging by a thead at the moment.


RIP Vinnie Paul, drummer for Pantera, Damage Plan, and Hellyeah. A great drummer and a badass dude. At least he can be with his brother Dimebag again… :sob:


I very briefly met VInnie at the Starplex in Dallas during OZZ Fest in 98 or 97… one of those years. Anyway he gave me a DImebag guitar pick. I still have that pick. Vinnie was never one of my favorite drummers, but Pantera was deintiely my favorite band back in the 90s.
The Vulgar videos and Watch it Go Volume 3 home video s was a staple of our TV entertainment to get hyped for band practice and partying back then.


One of my new favorite bands


Probably the best BlazBlue theme. The buildup to 1:55 is so good, and it pays off super hard.


Dug up some KT because it’s been years and it’s still awesome:-





<- -> ^ V ----


Dimmu Borgir “Eonian”
Emperor “9 Equilibrium”
Pantera “Far Beyond Driven”


This is growing on me like a rash. <3


In This Moment (with Rob Halford)
“Black Wedding”

Seriously, so good.




Today - whole Clawfinger diskography + first Slipknot album. Maybe some Ghost in the shell OST before the bed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: