What are some character types of? You would like to see in a new KI

So let’s all put on our tinfoil hats and pretend that there is actually a new KI being made .

Let’s also pretend that they decide to consult this forum for ideas and that’s all pretend that they think bodybykim has some pretty sweet ideas on his post .

Let’s design some character archetype ideas for a new KI shall we?

  • We don’t really have a ninja type character. Even though it’s an archetype that is overused it would be kind of cool to have a scorpion type of character or maybe someone like scarlet from MK.

-I think a primal rage type monkey character would be pretty cool.

-Any of the characters from eternal champions would be pretty sweet, I think. I really like the Larson character.

-We don’t really have a water-based character. Maybe a character that could phase through others.

-I think it might be interesting to have a executive type character. I really like the idea of an Ultratech executive maybe some cute girl in a suit with heels who can dominate @Jaranowska


I think this could be merged with some of the other posts on here tbh. I’m pretty sure there already is a post just like this somewhere.

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I understand. I appreciate, even encourage the enthusiasm, but that being said, though, having the same posts repeated can be pretty redundant.

That is so nice of you

I’m not quite sure who you’re addressing in this context, but welcome to the forums! :smiley: