What arcade stick should I get?

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for a new arcade stick and wanted your help for choosing one.
Currently I have a mayflash f300, but I want to spice things up and get a better one.
Has anyone tryed out Qanba Obsidian or Hori fighting edge? This website here for the " arcade sticks " is suggested a couple and I’m stuck between these two… Any advice is really appreciated, Thanks!!!

The Obsidian is a great stick. I had one for a few years and would highy recommend. The fighting edge has a slightly different button layout, so If you’re still on the fence (this is an old post by the time I’m commenting) you may want to make sure that you will like that compared to what you are used to.

My first stick from pad was a rap4. I personally didn’t like it for two reason, the shell is feels cheapish, too light (when I’m doing qcf or qcb it moved on my lap) and Hori buttons actuated too easily. Hayabusa plungers didn’t go down evenly regardless of where you pressed which I didn’t like. Living with my parents still I threw in silent sanwas but they it was still loud. I o)wn a panthera and TE2 now. With gamerfingers (super quiet but people have beef with them). All in all, Nox Vidmate VLC if you