What an epic finish!

Goes to tell you, never give up, never surrender! You never know what can happen!


Could tell Jago was impatient on looking for the win. Opener ender off the back throw? Very bad choice. That I think is where he lost his momentum. Very nice victory.

0:26 that was an awesome tech u did there. Nice one :smiley:

So… next time, they should Shadow Laser Sword or Shadow Windkick with a Throw-Combo instead using the breakable Ender from the Shadow Tiger Fury because it counts as an Open-Ender…?

I would go into shadow Fireball since that portion is unbreakable. Then to a quick manual into tiger fury. If you throw into Shadow DP, you can’t counter break, you can’t do anything and it will get broken. It’s the easiest opener ender to react to.

Aganos throws, Aganos scores :wink:

Perhaps they did intend a FB but accidentally caused a DP.

Yep, that was my guess what he intended.

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I love that you had enough time in the corner off of throwing the peacekeeper to do a shadow payload assault. :smile:

Also, the shadow payload assault into chunk-up into wall-setup and crash is 1 of my favorite Aganos setups. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s kind of an irony that Aganos is scary when he puts you in a corner with chunks, but is next to helpless when he himself is put into a corner with no chunks whatsoever (which makes it even more impressive that you got out in the 1st place).

Also, a backdash while in the corner? Really?

Mis-input, my bad

Don’t worry about it - happens to me more than I would like too. :’(

jesus christ…


Combo break, use instinct, throw the club, shadow ruin, grab a chunk, place a wall, light kick, then shadow lunge is a good combo for Aganos.

i could be wrong but doesnt shadow ruin scale heavily in combo? would it do more damage if he just did heavy ruin? cause for a wall and two shadow meters, 36% seems like a little…thought?

Have to lab it for sure to find out. Regardless, unbreakable damage off of a combo breaker is never a bad thing!

Haha. Awesome comeback - I’m sure that guy was salty about that one :-p

You seem to be having a lot of fun with Aganos lately. Planning on switching mains or anything, or just enjoying a vacation from Kan?

Just switching things up just cause. Way too many Kan-Ra players out there now. The Gentle Giant doesn’t get enough attention online.


Keep it up, man. I want to see more.

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There isn’t enough time to do heavy Ruin for that setup, only light if you are very close and maybe 0-1 on chunks. It’s definitely more worth it to just hold onto the Shadow meter.

In general, you only have enough time to choose 2/3 from grabbing a chunk, placing a wall, and Ruin.

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Are you saying you can’t hit with heavy ruin after that setup, 'cause if so, then you’re wrong. I’ve been able to do that setup consistently from near full-screen away nearly EVERY time… Either that or we’re not on the same page and are referring to 2 completely different setups…