What about a Marvel vs KI game?

Since marvel is now open to business there are talks about a MVC4 but what about a Marvel vs KI?

One major issue with MVC3 is infinity combos one hit and u would potentially have to go AFK a combo breaker could solve this.

Microsoft could sieze this opportunity and bring a Marvel vs KI game to xbox one and PC before capcom does, showing xbox customers that they too can get something decent and PS4 can’t have to have all the good exclusives. SF5 on PS4 exclusive was a bit of a stab in the back to gamers because SF5 continues to be the number 1 ESPORT FG title by some weird unknown reason. Kinda like how SF3 and SF4 reigned as number 1 competitive ESPORT FG even though there were so many other games I thought were better like Guilty Gear etc

With all the hoops the Marvel licenses have had to jump through, I think we’d be better off avoiding such a cross-over. If we had a Marvel game people would expect it to play like MVC and it wouldn’t, so they’re just setting themselves up for legions of disappointed Marvel fanboys.

I’d like to see KI involved in more cult classic fighters, like if Primal Rage ever came back Riptor would be a kickass guest character. Or like Bloody Roar, or something less mainstream but still popular, KI came back from the dead so it’d be nice to lend a hand to one of the other fan-favorite franchises that has been left in the dust but not forgotten.


Well there is a very special something in Marvel vs Capcom series which I think is a special magic formula but this special magic formula is not magic.

IG can easily copy everything capcom did in MVC3 and have it play exactly like that.

MVC plays way different than Street Fighter anyways. So no reason that IG cannot do the same, capcom’s style isn’t hard to copy. And they could make this Xbox One / PC exclusive as payback to SF5 being PS4 exclusive.

Its the least microsoft can do since SF5 for some unknown reason is again number 1 Esport FG game you would think the streak would have been broken after SF3 and SF4 ran as number 1 esport FG titles for all those years.

I never understood the obsession people have with CS GO and Street Fighter in ESPORT tournaments. What do these games have that others don’t? seriously? How could Street Fighter 5 be more technical than KI when it does not even have combos? what does CS GO have that COD does not?

IG is known for bringing their own flavor into everything they do, there’s no way they would green light a project that involved duplicating someone else’s success and I don’t think the KI fanbase would be happy with a game that played completely differently from KI and the Marvel fans wouldn’t be happy playing a “knockoff” of MvC, because you know that’s the image such a game would project to the community at large.

Not sure if this thread is about a cross over game or a rant about esports and sfv’s popularity.

^ well in the process I would like an explanation as to why SF5 must continue as number 1 ESPORT FG. Or CS Go number 1 Esport FPS.

What exactly gives these games such privileged? I mean SF5 isn’t even popular or successful. Mortal Kombat X did WAY BETTER than SF5 in sales, Yeah I understand why SF3 third Strike and SF4 was ESPORT king thats because it was actually really technical. SF5 is not and CS GO is same left click to shoot like COD.

As far as I am concerned both MKX and KI is vastly superior to SF5 especially in graphics not to mention MKX is more technical than SF5. So I don’t understand why the special privileged for SF in Esports.

Street fighter gets that kind of attention because… well because its Street fighter. Its built that legacy, so of course its going to get special treatment. Its the same reason Call of Duty space warfare can sell a billion copies despite the fact the games have sucked since Modern Warfare 1.

Sure, why not. :3


Anything’s possible. Personally, despite many attempts I have just never been able to like the Marvel vs Capcom games. I thought the best marvel fighting game was Marvel Heroes (the first one).

I preferred SF X Tekken’s gameplay - although I couldn’t get any of the super strict timing in the Tekken characters better combos and I never understood why. But I thought the slower less frenetic pace made for a more fun and strategic game.

But frankly, KI has always been a sort of pop culture mashup in terms of style and it borrows liberally from other games - so it’s almost a “vs” game in and of itself. The unique design element is KI’s combo and breaker system. And I have a hard time imagining how you can go “halfway” with another series on this.

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If marvel had the KI fight engine yes!
I like them separate more, though

Marvels all about powers and KI is about combos and finishers to me, but it’d be a definite buy either way lol

[quote=“KingHadu, post:3, topic:12840, full:true”]IG can easily copy everything capcom did in MVC3 and have it play exactly like that.

Why bother, then? We could just play marvel 3.

I used to love the mvc games when i was a kid. Then i grew up and got serious with the online fighting and quite frankly i don’t like games where you just sit there and watch yourself get juggled all day long. Juggles are a cancer in fighting games and it even ruined tekken for me which was a great game with lots of depth but most of the people online spend the whole match trying to launch you into the air for some dumb unbreakable combo. Granted combo breakers would fix that but i much prefer the pace of the ki games and of course breakers are gods gift to combo / juggle abuse. I guess MVC just left a bad taste in my mouth.

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Howard of course

If we’re just talking what we’d like to see, instead of what’s likely to happen, I’d be interested in something like KI crossing over with Marvel’s MAX line, or DC’s Vertigo. The mainstream comics work well in Capcom’s over-the-top style, but these worlds are a little more procedural and 90’s gritty (like KI’s roots), while still having characters with freaky abilities.

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Yes, I read comics but I was never too into “heroes”

Though alot of modern hero comic’s are more toned down now…

Honestly I think both sides should be represented.

Only if it plays like KI. I don’t think I can play air dashers. I bought Skullgirls 2nd Encore on PS4 and I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Honestly probably the first next gen fighter I regret buying, and I bought it digitally so I am stuck with it lol

Well, seeing as nothing is likely to happen. I truly doubt there would ever be a KI VS Marvel game. But it’s fun to speculate and come with suggestions on what we would like to see IF it ever happened. ^^

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