What 3rd character would be good for a Riptor and shin Hisako main?

I love both of these characters but what character should I main next that will go good with these two?

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Eyedol , a mixture of zoning and rushdown

Lol are you saying that because your a Eyedol main?

I was gonna suggest the same…

I used to main riptor until eyedols release , the two have a somewhat similar rushdown style. Since you play kilgore as well , eyedol woukd be a perfect match .

Ah I see well I’m going to head over to training with eyedol.

What about for me, someone who plays jago and glacius, who should my third main be?

Tusk? Zone rushdown?

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Yeah I did change the title I can’t use Kilgore but I can use Shin Hisako.

My thoughts are Wulf or Mira.

Cinder or Rash would be my suggestions now

I’ve been using him every now and then but yeah good idea, I’ll have to try him out exclusively for a few dozen matches.

Wulf’s a good choice albeit bread and butter for someone coming from Riptor.