Were there some dojo changes mentioned for S3?

could have sworn reading or seeing something about Dojo changes for S3, but nothing was mentioned in the trailer

Am I just going crazy?



Nothing in the trailer and they haven’t mentioned anything. Which is odd considering they started a thread a few months ago asking us what improvements we’d like to see.

Before we start building a cairn for Dojo updates, I think it’s worth noting that Shadow Lab (and the Ranked changes, I think) weren’t hinted at in the S2 trailer, though I could be mistaken.

I’m just saying I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the entire list of Season 3 content, just the stuff they were ready to reveal or tease.

Shadow Lab and Ranked were mentioned in the S2 trailer “New Modes” and “Revamped Online Ranking” were what they said. But yeah it is possible dojo updates are simply being held back on. (Although release it along with the 4 new characters and the PC launch would have made the most sense since that’s when everyone is probably going to be using it the most.)

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They completely skipped out on it. No updates to Dojo so no mention of the new manual rules, air breakers, recapture, flipouts or some of the new enders they added. Forget character specific trials. Hopefully that’ll happen later in the season, but right now it looks like they won’t bother to update it.

Keits wrote this on Neogaf specifically regarding a question about “Capcom style combo trials”…

KI is about learning the rules and building your own combos. You need to change them frequently, mid match, to avoid becoming predictable and getting combo broken.

As such, I don’t feel a trial mode really adds anything to the game.

Tons of amazing combo-video-worthy stuff out there, some practical, some not, but the point is that the exploration is part of the fun in such an open system.

Not specifically about a Dojo mode update, but I think some of his sentiments can extend to at least certain parts of the current Dojo experience.

I mean sure the current Dojo needs to be updated / expanded to include S2 and S3 stuff, but many people are asking for character specific Dojo training, and I don’t think IG/MS are on that same boat.

He also made this comment in regards to a question about “a source frame data”…

Dear people asking for an official source for frame data:

Its in the game. Go to training mode, turn on attack data. Also view the extremely detailed and helpful command list, which also has explanations on what moves are for, and their frame data.

So I think that may be the extent of a “tutorial” for each character. I mean I could be wrong, but instead of creating / expanding the current Dojo mode, I think they are just focusing on moving forward and baking the “tutorial / Dojo experience” somewhat into the practice mode.