We'll Reap What We Sow (The Future of KI is In Our Hands)

Hey everybody, how’s it going?

In this post I would like to address not only the people of influence in this community, but also the every-person. Any and all KI fans. If you stream KI, make videos, post on this forum or on twitter or elsewhere or otherwise generate any KI related text or content - this is for you (and also me, by extension).

There are two dialogues which are simultaneously busy at this time - KI’s relative FGC popularity, and negativity in the community. It shouldn’t strike you as curious that these are both trending at the same time, and that’s because they are absolutely related to one another.

So let’s take a quick look at ourselves - why would we be concerned about KI’s relative FGC popularity? That doesn’t affect most of our paychecks here, and none of the people financially vested in KI being popular are engaging with this topic. So what’s our motivation to discuss it? Speaking solely for myself - I would like KI to be more popular because of two overarching reasons: I want to be able to have people to play the game with in the years to come, and I would like more people to play against. Anything else that may be a fringe benefit of KI being popular is absolutely trumped by those two things.

Why? Because fighting games aren’t best played alone, that’s why. The game will always be at its best when you have someone to play with. And this is my favorite freaking fighting game of all time, full stop. If you take a moment to really engage yourself in some introspection; whether or not this is your favorite game, I think you’ll find that you want the same things for the game that I do, and for the same reasons.

Dear Every-Person: Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising to this day. Please read that twice if you don’t believe it because it’s true and you need to live with that. Especially in the age of the internet. As you speak about the game - praise things, decry things, wish for things, dream of things - post about things - you are determining the bulk of the advertisement that KI will go down in history with.

Sure there are reviews, interviews, trailers, show floor appearances and the like… but that’s an absolute drop in the bucket compared the the content that you, I and all of us will create as we continue to talk about the game online. Don’t devalue yourself because you think someone else has more influence - you are far more powerful in this regard than you realize.

Now if you’re a person of influence who profits, even just a little, from streaming KI or making KI content - this REALLY applies to you. Why? Because you love playing KI (otherwise you wouldn’t be streaming it - you’re CERTAINLY not into KI of ALL GAMES for the money), and you want to acquisition more dollars for playing the game that you love. I want you to take a moment to throw your ego in the bin and think. Take a look at influential gamers - the MOST influential gamers - and the games they’ve helped to make popular. You will find that the very thing they did to help that game get popular was the very same thing they did to make the gamers themselves popular in the first place:

They had a ■■■■-ton of fun playing the game in front of their audience.

Fun is infectious. We see fun happening, and we want some. Most people, when faced with fun, generally have a reaction in their mind that equates to “give me some of that fun”. They’re paying attention to you in the first place, because they think YOU are fun to watch, while you’re having fun. When they get enough of you for the day or the week, they might want to go get into the fun YOU were having. One thing you generally won’t find is negativity permeating their content. That’s a no brainer - people have plenty of their own, and don’t need yours.

Now FGs are a very unique genre to the world of gaming entertainment - your ability to play the game is going to be tantamount to whether or not people bother to take the time to watch you. I totally get that, I’m one of the dudes who watches you. But I’d like to make something perfectly clear… as one of the dudes who watches you:

It’s OK to lose a match. Or several. Even 20 in a row. That doesn’t make you any less entertaining, or less skilled. Think about advice that you’d give a beginner in the game - you’d tell them not to sweat losses, right? How does this suddenly not apply when you’re playing in front of people? Literally no one expects you to be omniscient - which is absolutely what you would need to be to win every single match - so you can’t beat yourself to death when you lose in front of people. Frankly, anyone who expected you to win every single match you play is someone you frankly don’t need in your audience - call them a scrub and ban them from chat because that’s what they deserve.

The reason I mention this is because I’ve noticed that people are far quicker to cast blame anywhere but inward when they lose while playing for people. They’re very quick to call a player “trash” or to call the game or some aspect of the game “bullshit” or say it “sucks” - and even though these comments may not mean a damned thing to you at the moment you said them or even now, even though you may deep down LOVE the game - those comments will resonate with the people who look up to you, the people who consume your content, and that will directly affect the game’s future. I know that people should NOT be this easily swayed, and that they should be thinking more independently - but as my best friend’s mom once said, “Wish in one hand and crap in the other, see which one fills up quicker” - because they’re NOT, and they’re likely not going to either. You will be the driving force behind the word-of-mouth created by the vast majority of every-persons, because people just mindlessly parrot the things they hear influential people say. You need to realize that it’s a sad truth you are hopeless to change (though by all means, try).

You are literally influencing the amount of revenue you generate by playing any single game by the amount of fun you can consistently project to your audience while playing it. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be critical - it’s essential and the devs want/need it - but perhaps you should form your criticisms in a manner that won’t be misinterpreted by people with poor reading comprehension that have no interest in delving into the reasons for your criticism. Why? Because you’re that influential, like it or not.

Anyhow, this is already tl;dr territory and I’m sure I’ve lost a lot of you by now… so here’s the tl;dr version:

This game will only ever be as popular as the amount of people who see or hear about you having fun playing it.

If you made it this far… thanks, really. :heart:


I’d like to take a moment to address the youngsters:

You like Street Fighter, right? Good stuff. You totally respect Street Fighter II as a cornerstone of the genre - and you’re absolutely right in that, because it was.

Since you dig it so much, I want to paint a picture for you. At the time that this game was released and began to exert its influence on the genre, FGs were barely a genre. As a gamer, you didn’t have instant access to a huge catalogue of fighting games - instead, you had whatever happened to be in your local 7-Eleven or bowling alley. We were lucky and got a few console ports but those came well after the initial arcade releases. This was a new, exciting thing.

It was that excitement that allowed the genre to continue. Looking back on my arcade years, the conversations were full of love for the games and the unique gameplay they brought to the table, and each new game gave us something new and cool to talk about.

One thing that wasn’t at all prevalent was hyper-criticism. Dudes who were negative were generally scrubby players who were gone as soon as they came because their $1.50 went quick and no one was listening to them being whiny about Dhalsim.

Now whereas I understand that technology has come a long way since then, standards are far higher and I sound like a grandpa - I want you to think for a moment how fighting games in general would have turned out if those initial arcade conversations were mostly permeated with things we wished we had, things we hated about the game, and unwarranted diatribes hurled at the developers.

Would we be here, having conversations on this forum today?

Please take a moment to think about how you’re affecting the things you love when you post something online.


Truer words have never been spoken. Good on you sir!


12 hours before I can like a post again - so I’ll just say thanks friend! :smiley: :thumbsup:


Couldn’t have said either posts better myself. My hat’s off to you, fella. This should be stickied, in EVERY SINGLE SUBFORUM.

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Damn, awesome write up! I agree with everything you sad 100%. Idk if anyone remembers (or can find it) but Maximillian said something somewhat similar during his closing speech at the KI World Cup and it is so true. He mentioned something about enthusiasm. When we are playing or talking about these games, and people can really see the level of enthusiasm we show when talking about/playing it, it can be really contagious and open people’s eyes to trying it out.

I personally don’t have the level of influence as people like Max, Rico, Bass, Infilament, Cystyles, or whoever since I am not a great player, nor do I stream, attend tournaments or even make youtube videos but I do do by best to spread the word when I have the chance be it in person or simply over the internet via forums/comments section like this.

I have only been into KI for 5/6 months now but damn, I have fallen in love with this game, its characters, its lore, and just everything about it in a way I haven’t for a game series in a LONG time so I am doing all I can to spread the word to anyone I can at any chance I get :grin:

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Wow :blush: Thanks so much! I was hoping I got the point across.

That’s EXACTLY the stuff I’m talking about! And it’s VERY clear that Max knows this - not only does he have the OG arcade experience to have seen these initial waves of excitement, and his enthusiasm for fighting games is the VERY REASON why he has the biggest FG channel on YouTube.

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Lol. I love how you’re verbally acknowledging posts since you lost your “like” privileges :joy:

But this is the thought that stuck out to me:

There used to be quite a few KI streamers who I watched pretty regularly. Come home from work, do something on my computer, and have a KI stream on in the background. I enjoyed just hanging out and listening to the highs and lows of the streamer and reading the occasional blurb in chat. I avoid at least one of those streams like the plague now, because all he does is ■■■■■ for hours about how everything is broken and the devs don’t know what they’re doing, etc etc. It’s just…not fun to listen to, and I’m not going to spend my leisure time listening to someone complain for however many hours they might be on.

I’m sure that streamer still loves the game, and sometimes he’ll have legitimate gripes and suggestions about how to make KI a better game. But I’m just not inclined to wade through a ton of negativity to get those little nuggets. And I’m someone who’s incredibly passionate about KI. If I were new to the game and scene, there’s no way in hell I’d stick around for that stuff.


Exactly. He is pretty much the proof of what you said about fun being infectious. When I see him get to hype and show so much enthusiasm for the games he plays, it makes me want to try them out too if I haven’t already lol

Oh man, you hit the nail on the head. And what’s worse - not only is that particular streamer (whoever you’re talking about - totally doesn’t matter, this could apply to any of them) affecting KI negatively because of their affect on people who look up to them, but they’re also affecting their own bottom line by turning away potential viewers who are looking for something more fun to watch.

Oh absolutely man - and we’d be crazy to think that this doesn’t translate into more players and higher sales figures for the genre. We owe the dude (err, dood?) a sincere thanks.

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Color me curious. Who is this streamer? (PM @STORM179 ?). I just wanna know.

Also I totally agree with you, its a shame I can’t play at work yet so I can’t show it off to more people. One of these days, I’ll get my hands on a rig that’s free during lunch hour :sweat: Other than that, I’m known to be a bit of a fanboy among my friends because I’m talking about it a lot. From the music to the character reveals to the personal rivalries. I’ve been baby-stepping a purely FPS player into KI with Combo Assist (he likes Tekken and it seems like a good way to get him started), couple of sessions have gone well but he’s got a ways to go :smile: This game’s too much fun to ignore.

This is what it’s all about! I guarantee you that none of your friends/co-workers think that you rave about the game because it sucks. And it’s great that you are broadening your FPS friend’s gaming spectrum. How is combo assist working out for them?

No clue, it’s Storm’s story… so I’d PM him I guess :smiley:

I’ll take a pass on naming the streamer, either here or in PM. I don’t watch him anymore, but it’s not my intention to put anyone specifically on blast either.


Just the three people do actually. I play Smash against them all the time, they just don’t have access to a Win 10 PC or an X1 kit at work so haven’t gotten around to it yet.
Combo Assist is working great, he’s just starting out so I’m getting him working on his timing and combo patterns (he had a mashfest session and landed an ultra the first time which got him hyped, I showed him a double Ultra and he was like… Whoa! I may have been teaching the wrong thing there :stuck_out_tongue:). I’ve told him the next time, we’re gonna play about 10-20 matches and find him a character he likes. After that, we get in to the more technical stuff… provided he still sticks around lol.

Fair enough. My curiosity anyway. I have a couple of suspects, gonna go look them up myself.

When Fighting games get brought up in topics I always bring up how much I love KI and how much fun it is. I’ve even helped some freinds of mine unsure of the game even pick it up and play it!

I’d support KI all the way to get it going. I also do stream (though not as often as I’d like to, it’s a great way to just show how much fun the game is)


Well said my friend!

You’d think Smash players and KI players would make fast friends, since we’re always getting flack from the SF populous.

That’s excellent. I’m interested to know what character he settles on.

Same here man. A handful of my co-workers are MKX players, and I was able to introduce them to KI. Hoping some local events pan out and we can pass the word along to more folks. The PC release makes our lives easier in this regard.

Thanks! :smiley:


This forum is suddenly getting positive and constructive posts?

What is this nonsense?


LOL i love how you added more!

i agree so marbel what did u create for KI today :smiley:

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