Well, no figure action anymore

This topic is just for curiousity!

I live in Brazil, obviously the shippment would not be cheap, but… well… :frowning:

In comparison purposes, 1 USD is equivalent to 3.80 BRL (which is our currency). So, to us, each one of this figures would cost at least 519.42 BRL. To have an ideia, the Supreme Edition of S3 will cost about 180.00 BRL, so this figure is 2.88 times more expensive than the whole game!

Well… I’m sad… Thanks political burocracy for being the combo breaker of my wishes…


Can you try changing regions for the game?

The figures are a lost cause but even Adam, according to his twitter, changed his account to the Japan store to get Dark Souls 3. Maybe you could get KI that way.

I understand you, Brazilian fellow. I’m struggling just thinking about how much I’ll have to spend for the Supreme Edition (in our currency), so figures really aren’t an option.

Edit: for those who don’t know, although 1 USD is equivalent to 3.80 BRL, it’s not like the average Brazilian has a 2.500,00 BRL salary. Actually most work for 1.000,00 monthly or lower. So, that price is a LOT.

Well, in fact, the game princing is ok to us as it is. I don’t think it’s necessary to change the region to buy it.
The major problem is these figures, because they’re produced on US (or wherever it is far from here) and it’s shipping is freaking expensive.

Unfortunately, there’s no solution for this. ;-;


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Buying in bulk reduces the shipping immensely, if you have like, 10 local friends who also want figures you can try buying them all at once.

I hope they fix these issues soon, their shipping formula does not make sense shipping a figure a distance of 1700km into Canada costs $30, while shipping a figure 2000km distance within the USA only costs $10. So clearly there is something wrong with their international shipping, Last November I sent a similar item 1700km across the border with only $12 shipping fee.

I feel you bro. I’m hoping they can get a UK retailer so it might be slightly cheaper for me.

Yeah, I’m looking for people here who want to buy with me. But we still have a problem, because shopping higher than 50 USD are taxable, and it’s 50% of the total value. That’s a ridiculous thing we have to handle with…


Pfft. Get out of here :wink:

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OMG… hahahahahaha!
Where are you from man?


Ultra Arcade is becoming a retailer for these figures, wait to see what shipping options they will offer.

Man that does suck. I think shipping for me in California is like $13-15. I’m so used to having Amazon Prime where I get free 2-day shipping that this seems like a lot :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully they get a better way to distribute these toys to the rest of the world.