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More info here soon, but for now discuss all things about the Arbiter!



Maybe we can see a stream using Arbiter this friday?

Highly disappointed in the voice actor. We really wanted Keith David, but everything else is amazing! Stage is amazing, music kicks â– â– â– , and his play style is god like!

The music is freaking awesome. Standing ovations all round.

Shame about Keith David, but the looks are right and crisp, the animations look pretty good and the effects for the stage are not bad at all.

So, he’s (from what I can tell) a slasher, zoner, geappler? The invisibility looks like a command grab, if I’m not mistaken. The carbine seems to act like fulgore’s old upper laser and he has the good old sticky grenade for keeping the opponent at a distance.

An pretty competent all-rounder by the looks of it. Nicely done people.

So where’s the teaser at the end?

Why is everyone so worried about the voice actor? You will not really hear him speak except for the trailer…which in a month you will never watch again. Its close enough for the few in game voice clips that are mid fight. I don’t think its a big deal… it doesn’t make or break the character.
Sounds exactly like the voice i heard on Halo clips.

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I half agree with you on this. I feel like the voice actor is doing a good job of imitating Keith David’s style, but it is noticeably different than the original. We also haven’t seen a full reveal stream yet, and he might have more vocalization than just sounds of exertion when certain moves happen, which might also be glaringly different if you’re expecting true Keith David.

But you are correct in that the voice doesn’t make a HUGE difference as some people seem to feel - Arbiter looks, (currently seems to) moves, and acts like I would expect an Elite to - and that’s what really matters in a fighting game character.

He does say something when he throws the bombs during the combo

Hey @rukizzel , when did you say you were going to put the characters forums into proper alphabetical order again? :stuck_out_tongue: Seeing Arbiter after Thunder is kinda silly.

The day I am not busy.

In all seriousness, when we do our forums styling pass!

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Alright, just making sure!