Welcome Shago. A few questions

Okay guys Shadow Jago is here, and it seems to be for a limited time, But I want to ask a few things.

See I don’t own my own xbox one as of yet, I have a family member who lets me play on the system and even so I do enjoy the system and the game… even if I have some gripes with some of the other fighters (looking at you Angrnos, Aria, and oh god I messed his name up bad… god.)

Anyway Jago looks like he’ll play like Akuma on Crack fueled rage… and I love it but here’s my question, see I know that I’m going to get some money soon, and I well not be able to get the complete pass, maybe one season pass (If I’m lucky)

And I’m not sure IF the 2 year contest is still going even so I’ll check back on that but I’m getting a bit off topic.

how well people get shadow jago If they don’t already have em?

yes I know that he’s going to be a stand alone char, and I get that but I don’t see why he’s a limited char… I mean I do me and a friend have come to the reason of that is it being it well be used to see a reaction, IF people who didn’t get it really want him (witch they well) then he’ll come back and with the game itself going to p.c with Shago with it… I’m not to sure that a lot of people will miss it, maybe just the unlucky few.

Witch leads to a few questions.

  1. Well he be put into bundles (I.E season 2 or 3 pass and Complete) Also seeing how the complete pass gives you the complete KI3 game I’m welling to bet that he well be, but as a stand alone fighter I don’t see that happening.

2.What was the main inspiration for his move set? I see he does have a bit of akuma in him "Flips, porting around the screen, Air fire balls, Multi hit DPs etc But I do see he does have more to that… from what I seen from the video (witch why was it unavailable for a bit?)

3.How many Shago vs Shago match up well happen on the first week?/
4. In terms of a over all story, well shago and Omen have one IF anything Shaow Jago is just at this point, a darker side of Jago that can still return even If Omen is out of him, chances are seeing his sister attacked can brake the Tiger warrior.

well that’s all I have for Shago… what do you guys thing?

Well, I wouldn’t sweat it too much man.

  1. I doubt this, though it could happen. It’s not altogether unreasonable to assume, but they’ve had to make sacrifices to ensure his exclusivity so as not to alienate those who (like me) bought the day one Xbox Live cards to get Shadow Jago LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG ago. Too much more slack and those people could become a little touchy over their super expensive investment being undervalued and having his exclusivity diminished. You want him to be available, but you don’t want him to be given away.

Really, if you can’t get him right now, or when he goes on sale in December through January, I’d say there is at least a fairly good chance he’ll be back for purchase close to when the game launches for the PC. I remember Tekken’s producer Katsuhiro Harada saying close to the time of when the SFxTekken controversy of locked characters being present on the game disc, he believed characters to a fighting game are like chess pieces. You can’t effectively play chess without all your pieces, and to have even one locked away is detrimental to gameplay.

It’s a difficult balancing beam of exclusivity versus availability. I wouldn’t say he’ll be gone forever, but the sooner you can act, the better. But if I had to guess, I’d say he will probably be back close to when the PC version is up to give those new players a chance to get him as well, as unless they already have an Xbox One, they won’t be able to use him.

Another option to consider is this: If you can afford the price of Shadow Jago now, and just him alone, no one else, you could open up your account on Xbox.com that you intend to use when you get your own Xbox One, purchase him while he’s available on Dec. 18th - Jan 15th. That way, when you finally get your own Xbox One, or the PC version for that matter, he’s ready to use as soon as you download him, since you basically pre-purchased him. Pretty much every piece of content on sale on the Xbox Console Marketplace can also be bought on Xbox.com. Just purchase him now, and when your wait is over, play him later. Think of it as a reward for all your patience.

  1. I’d say he has some Akuma to him, but I really think he’s trying to bridge the gap in terms of style and visual between vanilla Jago and Omen. Basically, Jago is fighting to drive out the darkness within him, but in the process of driving it out, is first consumed by it, becoming Shadow Jago. He eventually though combat manages to drive out Omen from his being, becoming a practitioner of the “pure tiger spirit” while Omen maintains his darkness.

Shadow Jago has to borrow from both Jago and Omen to bridge this large gap and his combat style shows that. Omen uses a lot of meter, so Shadow Jago’s natural abilities to generate and manipulate both his and his opponent’s meter is a big draw from Omen’s style. However, a number of his moves come from Jago’s and Omen’s moveset, as well as style and visuals. Really, he’s kind of a middle ground. I can see where some people may think it’s unoriginal and re-using animations and other things from the two, but I think if Shadow Jago didn’t share some of these animations like the Auto Doubles, and some specials from them, it would be really out of character for Shadow Jago then. As for the dark teleporting and stuff, you haven’t seen Bison in Street Fighter 5 have you? Check him out, and some things may be clearer.

  1. You know the answer…LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSS. And you know Maximilian is gonna stream it and add to the problem come Friday.

  2. I have no idea what you asked or what you’re saying on this one. May want to check your grammar on that one.

I’m looking to having a fun time with Shadow Jago Friday, hope you are too.