Weird question - is there an Australian KI-scene?

Well the headline speaks for itself…

Why would I want to know this? Well I’m getting a worse and worse taste in my mouth by SFV and Capcom’s bs and I might just stream KI a lot more soon.
Sad thing is that being in Europe basically means I will always host americans and americans will never host me because of the timezone situation.
If there was an australian streamer one could make like a circle of life-kind of thing.

Anyone know anybody from down there?

Hey there.

There are definitely Australian KI players (I’m one of them).

As far as a scene goes… That is a good question. I play with a couple of Aussie KI players but trying to find ranked games these days is proving to be quite difficult.

I do anticipate that as Iron Galaxy release more content frequently as they’ve been doing these last couple of weeks, we will see an increase in player base once again.

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That’s nice!

Do you know if any of you are interested in streaming the game?
I’d be happy to help out with OBS and Twitchalerts and all that stuff!

I love the idea but I admittedly am unsure if I can commit to this (I have quite a busy lifestyle). Add me on Xbox Live and we can discuss it further I suppose :slight_smile:

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Sure thing.