Weekend Rebel Rumble Bi-Weekly Online Tournament Ep.2 KI @ 7:00PM EST

After my success of running many netplay tournament I decided I wanna try KI for a change, hope to see you there! (I know time zones may conflict with some of you)


Date: May 20th

-Best 2 of 3
-Double Elimination
-Winners/Losers/Grand Finals: Best 3 of 5
-Region: Free (All)
-Any withdrawals are final
-Character lock for winner (Players are allowed to change every new match or after a loss)
-Not all matches will be streamed
-All top 8 will be streamed
-Losers play off-stream
-No shows are DQ’ed
-If you drop in the middle of the tournament, no replacements
-If you are able to keep track on your scores on Challonge, you are advised to do so
Entrants cap: None
Commentator Slots: 3
All times EST
*Will be a pre-stream for casuals


Is that a May 6th date? So a Friday tournament?

Thanks for reminding me, forgot to add the date to the post, thanks. :slight_smile:

Sure I’ll do it. Sounds like fun.

Awesome, make sure to sign up and spread the word!

How come that site’s address is spelled incorrectly?

I could do these, now that I’m close to being over with my semester of College.

Sweet, I hope to see you all there, keep those numbers coming!

Sorry everyone the tournament was moved since my friends and I went to see Civil War last night. So much apologies for the lack of an update.

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GREAT. will you tell us when that is?

That’s fine. Just be sure to keep us updated with any schedule changes and updates about Date Changes. :slight_smile:

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The tournament has been moved to next Saturday on the 14th, hopefully that works for all of you sorry for the wait! :slight_smile: changes have been made to let you all know, see you Saturday!

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Hey Killers, today is the day! I hope to see you all as you throwdown tonight remember, casuals start at 6:00 PM EST

Do we report match results to you?

You either update them on your own or report them to me.:slight_smile:

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Everyone who has signed up don’t forget to check in, pre-stream casuals begin @ 6:00PM EST catch it all on

Unfortunately I must cancel the event, I can’t get OBS to capture the game on WIndows 10, which I suppose is my fault for not testing this extensively beforehand my XBONE is at home and I’m visiting at my aunt’s and thought I could use the PC version instead to stream and I just can’t get it to work, much apologies to all of you.


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Forgive me STORM, I was looking forward to streaming something other than BLAZBLUE, I am so sorry for disappointing you and the other players.

Hmm. Ok.