Week 2 of Pharroh's Combo Killers Sign ups!

Congrats to @RMMorbidHoagie for winning week 1 & Auto qualifying for our finale later this season as well as winning a 16 bit rash bead art from Tfc Beads Check him out and get your bead art today!

Congrats to our top 5 for all earning points @RMMorbidHoagie , Dbaby n Trish, NWO Nega Scott, HW Daa Chroncile, @Tyzo and @ZTRAINOVER9000 this weekend, rankings will be updated in the pinned post. on our facebook page --> https://www.facebook.com/PharrohComboKillersandMoreKi/

Thank you everyone that signed up last week! We look forward to putting on another great tournament for yall. I do apoligize about the tech issues at the end but i have looked into the issues and believe i have it fixed on my end.

If you want to come join us next weekend here is the sign up link http://challonge.com/PCKW22017S
We welcome all player of any skill level to come join and support KI and grow the scene.

1st Place will win a Killer Instinct Definitive Edition controller skin!

If you want to keep up to date with us please check out our facebook page here --> https://www.facebook.com/PharrohComboKillersandMoreKi/

We look forward to seeing yall again this saturday at 5pm CST.
Here is the full schedule below vv

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@FallofSeraphs76 @STORM179 @HWMegaTheMan @aWholio @UACharbok @DevilMayCare4 @INDIxion @ItzTymeToDul @ZTRAINOVER9000 @WeddedOx1116077


Is entry restricted by region or open to anyone?

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open to everyone, some of our most loyal competitors are international @DoobyDude23


Hey Guys and Gals, Reminder that Combo Killers week 2 is this saturday at 5pm cst!
1st Place will win a Killer Instinct Definitive Edition controller Skin!
Sign ups are here --> http://challonge.com/PCKW22017S
Please read all of the rules and info in description and add me on xbox that way i can find your GT easier!

1st = 20 points, 2nd = 15 points, 3rd = 10 points, 4th = 5 points and 5th = 3 points. for more info on points and ranking in our pinned post on our Combo Killers fb page.

Also Congrats to RM MorbidHoagie for winning the 16 bit Rash Bead art for becoming Week 1 Champ provided by Tfc Beads
Shout outs to TFC Beads for all his great work, Check out Tfc Beads work and hit him up for great custom bead art work.

Hey everyone, Check in for week 2 of Combo Killers has started. You have 2 hrs to check in to secure your spot and if you do not check in you will be scratched from the bracket and someone will replace you on the wait list.

1st Place will win a KI Definitive Edition controller Skin!
Sign up page is here http://challonge.com/PCKW22017S
Please read all info and rules in the description of the sign up page and we will see yall at 5pm cst! https://www.twitch.tv/pharroh_yami

so starts at 6 pm CST right?

Congratulations to @Tyzo or winning Combo Killers 2! …

:zap:AFTERPARTY :point_up: Pt. 24/29 - GarGOSE

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