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I’ve seen a few new Sadiralings here and there and I think that it is awesome that new people are picking her up. In my humble opinion, she is one of the most dynamic of all the KI cast. Despite what a few detractors think, Sadira is NOT an easy character to pick up, and she can be pretty tough to truly master.

However, once you get some of her tech down, she is TONS of fun to use.

So what makes Sadira special?
She’s the queen of the air. She is fast and is able to get in and out of just about any situation. She’s agile and thanks to S2 changes she hits really hard.

All of these things are great, but one of Sadira’s greatest aspects is her Instinct. Hands down it is one of the best, if not the best Instinct in the entire game.

Sadira gains the ability to Jump Cancel normals and even specials and she is able to drop one web at a time using HP+HK.

Her Instinct, if used right, can literally change the tide of a fight. Many times I’ve been close to death and a well timed Web saved my life. If you use her Instinct correctly, your foe will learn to respect your bite very quickly.

Sadly though, very few Sadiras that I’ve played online actually used her web correctly. Many times they will pop Instinct and half hazardly place webs around the screen. This though gives your opponent the chance to get a way. Losing flies, is losing your life.

SO… How and when should you use her Webs…

Firstly Webs are great for offense and defense…

In offense, you should activate her Instinct right after you successfully start a combo. Mixing in Webs (manual timing) in your combos makes them incredibly difficult to break. To do this you simply drop a web instead of using a manual or auto. This takes a LOT of practice, but it really pays off.

You can also drop them over another player after a hard knock down. This allows you to create some pretty scary mix ups.

You should NEVER drop them haphazardly on the screen though. A random web in the wrong location can cost you precious Instinct time, as you can’t drop another web until it is destroyed.

In terms of Defense, a well placed web (right in front of you) can save Sadira from pressure happy players. Webs are good at stopping jump ins. Even if they land the attack, once they hit the web it will turn the tide. If they charge you head on, a well placed web can stop them in their tracks.

Webs are great at giving Sadira armor against projectiles, like Glacius’ Hail, or Jago’s Endokukens.

Here is a match where I use Sadira’s webs to do some really nasty stuff… Enjoy!


@WebNRaGnArOk im in love .:heart_eyes: thank u so much . and also
the shes nope the queen of the air cause cinder do better then her :expressionless: but he shouldn’t. with sadira people falls too quick on the ground, but with cinder he have all the time to recapture them as a football ball

Thanks for the sticky advice; I learned a lot from this. :slight_smile:

Technically, he would then be “King” of the air. :smiley:

I will also add that moves with projectile invulnerability will go through the Webs. So be careful when placing a web when fighting a character that has armored attacks (Thunder, TJ Combo, Riptor), or moves that can go right through a Web, (Sabrewulf’s Jumping Slasher Claws).

Webs also won’t stop a wake up DP, due to their invincibility frames, however, the Web will get them on the way down, as long as they fall back into it.

In short, don’t drop webs in a panic as they could be wasted.

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@ :joy: dont drop the web in panic lomfao ahahhahahahha.
when it come u never know

also come see thise one @WebNRaGnArOk
EPIC BATTLE EVER! The blunt VS the pro(deo) sadira vs fulgore i cants believe it and once agin the web just save my ■■■.:grin: thanx again bro

After reading this, I will explore Sadira. I have basic stuff, but I will learn with this. Thanks!

WOW! Now that is a come back! That match was so hype!

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lol thank u so much cause before these i always forgot o use correctly the web :grinning:. most of time its where just for defense .
but there i used it as a potential damage @WebNRaGnArOk u forgot to like :sunglasses:

Haha! I’ll watch it again… :slightly_smiling:

Here’s an epic comeback of mine own. It’s old, but I still get nervous watching it.


thats exactly how i feel when i look at that match ,
ive seen it much time today . and still i cant believe it . finally i won 2-1 hehe