We Need More Levels and More Accessories!

There are too few accessories to decorate the character.There are many different kinds of accessories and there are many different colors on the same accessories.I want to be able to customize the character more widely.

Level limit is too low.Only 50.I’d like to get rid of the limit or lift it up to 200.

Dont panic i know we gonna have the maximum possible in this game before it end, just be confident and let them work quietly :relaxed:

Or be pressured to all hell by no-chill doods such as yourself.

I’d rather have full costumes rather than accessory sets. Like what they did with the nez perce thunder.

I definitely second this! We need more accessory and clothing options, putting my Orchid character in pants seems like such a waste. I would love to be able to customize her more, that would be great !