We need a "are you sure?" prompt for the random selection

as many of us are hovering around the new character selection screen, the damn random icon is right there. The selection screen isn’t exactly smooth and neither are our worn controllers. One wrong flick and our muscle memory takes over and hits “A”. At first i thought it was just me, but its happened in several lobbies several times to several people, and it just happened to me just now trying to pick Mira in a lobby. I got chief thunder who I’ve never touched.

Doesn’t it seem reasonable that the random prompt has “are you sure you want random?” or why doesn’t it just select the character right there so you can at least choose the color and costume to whoever does use the random, or at least someway to back out so you don’t waste a turn in an 8 person lobby?


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What do you mean every time I start I start on fulgore

Yeah this would be kind of nice, or at least the ability to hit B and go back to char select for a few more seconds. The other day I accidentally got random select and ended up having to fight somebody with Cinder…a character who I have maybe used like once for his story mode stuff lol

hmm, im not being clear. If your around rash, kim wu mira or whoever is above or next to the random character icon in the character select screen, its very easy to accidentally hit the joystick and select random character (on pad anyway). As of right now, once you hit “A” on random, thats it good luck. I’m saying there should be a way to back out of that confirmation in case you accidentally hit it, its like being punished for the inadequacy of our gear and software… make sense?

I wish there was a way to back out of the character selected if there is time to do so. I’ve, a couple of times, selected the wrong model. The opponent hadn’t yet finalized their selection, but I still can’t make any changes.

DOA5 has an option where you can ban selected characters from coming up on random. something to consider asking for on the ‘suggestions’ board