WE DID IT BOYS! Also I need help!

If you remember me I’m the one guy who said that Aria needed health buff in a drunken fit of rage. Well I’m happy to say that I don’t think that’s the case! After getting slapped back to 0, I got into the lab and learned, I learned how to play Aria somewhat better than I could (Using her assist, learning how to play certain matches, Etc.) And because of that I’ve hit Killer rank using just her! I was gonna shill my Youtube videos that showed my journey to Killer Rank, but this ain’t the place.

Now if only I knew how to fight Shago and Riptor (Help please)


Nice! Just got to killer last week. Is a good feeling :blush:

As a Riptor Main I can simply tell you that she does not do to well when she is cornered. Also she is a vicous rushdown so keeping her at bay anyway you can will help you.